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Training for Strength


What would be better for training for example, say the following exercises were all done with a 5x5 scheme using 80-85% of the 1RM which would produce the better strength gains.

Day 1
Bench, chest press, Dips
Day 2
Squats, Stiff leg deads, lunges
Day 3
Deadlifts, Good mornings, Back Extensions
Squats/Deads/Bench 3times a week

Basically its a question of volume or frequency, which would be more beneficial to producing strength.


Well doing all those for 5x5 IMO on the same day would leave you not giving the second and even worse third movement the attention it deserves.

But I hear you. Volume Frequency. I actually think both could and can be used with great success. One you will beat the hell out of a body part and do Major damage. then give it a full week to heal before doing it again.

The Other you dont tear down the tissue as much in one go so you dont need as much healing time before doing it again. Though if going this route I wouldnt go with the smae rep scheme daily I would cahnge it up a bit. 3-4 reps one day 6-8 another, 12-15 on the third. Better yet put the high rep between the to heavier load sessions and have a two day break between the 3-4, and 6-8.

Short answer I dont think either is better for everyone. They can both work and by rotating them and others you can find out what works best for you and keep it fresh and interesting.

Good Luck,


I wouldn't do the same exercises three times a week, and I would use different set/rep parameters for each day if you were to do all three each day. Only doing those three exercises will cause you to neglect some areas even though they are "full-body" movements. You need more variety than that.


I would agree with this for the overall program, but for a short term program I would have no problem with a workout consisting of the big three. Start each workout with a different one to get the most effect. However, ideally, I would suggest changing the repscheme on the second 2 exercises in accordance with Phil's advice. Tough to go balls to the walls with those three biggies for 15 sets.