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Training for strength while dieting

To those of you who advocated strength training while dieting, how are things going?? im currently on a ckd and am going to switch from a gbc-type routine to a high-intensity, low volume workout. can you guys provide any set/rep protocols?? how are your splits organized with your cardio?? anybody using poliquins 1-6 program?? sorry for the amount of questions, but im curious as to how you are approaching this method. peace

Personally, I have lost weight and have gotten stronger. The trick for me was to not drastically cut calories and to keep volume of work relatively low. I tried a 6-6-6 program. It’s a basic power program. 6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 times a week (max). It’s important to warmup and stretch well as long as keeping weights high and tempo fast.

Over 3-4 weeks on dont diet I pretty much went from 1x220 to 8x220 bench, 10x85bb curl to 10x100, with similar increases in weighted chins and military press but I suspect this is the limit. If you lift less than this you may do better, if you lift more you may go nowhere or backwards or just overtrain. I dont think this will go well with ketosis because you will quckly deplete glycogen and just go backwards faster in size and strength. You also need to be sensitve to central nervous system recovery. My split was 1>Chest and calves 2> Back and hams 3> cardio 4> delts and quads 5> arms (incl some more bench if I feel I need it - it was my focus). 6 and 7 off. Ill stick with this split but 7 day recovery is important. I know tris are a litte fatigued after delts but the impact on day 5 isnt excessive. I only did strength for one lift each day (bench, weighted chin, seated press and bicep curl - other exercises 2-3x8-10) and just loaded up an increased weight and, depending how my first set went, did 6-8x3 (best results), 5x5, 6-1, or if more than 6 reps, just sets near failure. Never fail or force reps doing strength and weight loss.

Im doing the same right now, my workout is basically 5,3,2 5,3,2 for all base lifts (bench,squat,deadlift,powerclean) and so far little gains but their gains. getting cutter too.

Here is the low down. Been dieting for 24 days now on a keto diet. Training consists of a four day split with one day off in between. Workouts go as follows;Day1-chest/back superset;Day2-hamstring/quads superset;Day3-Shoulders/calf superset;Day4-triceps/biceps superset; 3 exercises; 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise; 1 additional exercise; 1 set of 10-12 reps; 2 min rest interval in between sets;weight workouts in morning/early afternoon; 45 minutes of cardio at night - 65-75% predicted max heart rate;
Diet- protein 312g; carbs 20-30g; fat 97g
Total calories - roughly 2200
Results - some loss in strength and energy - but roughly at 6% bodyfat.
Only four weeks to go!