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Training for Sprint FB


Let me start by saying any comments, constructive or cruel are appreciated. I realize I'm a weak bastard and I'm trying to do everything I can to change it.

So a little bit of background on my training/athletic history and then my current situation and stats.

I've been lifting weights for around five years now, I would say doing it correctly for three or four. When I first began I made very poor decisions in my exercise choices, focusing on chest and arms more than back and legs, which led to what I suspect was a muscle imbalance. This imbalance led to some shoulder issues which have since cleared up.

Throughout high school (I am currently a freshman in college), I was active in varsity football and lacrosse. I played both ways for football (WR/CB for 3 years, then QB/CB) and was FOGO (face off get off haha) for lacrosse.



Team lift

-Lifts posted together were supersetted

Squat- 155x6 265x5 275x4 285x4

RDL-220x5 230x5 250x5 260x5
Low Hammer Row- 140x8 160x8 180x8

Walking Lunges (DB)- 52.5x8 52.5x8 52.5x8
Neutral Grip Pullup-10
Inverted Row-5 (biceps were dead)

Leg Circuit:
Prisoner Squats
Split Jumps
Med Ball Tosses Forward
Med Ball Tosses Backwards
Med Ball Tosses Side

Ab Circuit:
Alternating Pikes
Toe Touches


Foam Roll before bed

Not thrilled about some exercises but it’s a team lift so can’t really do anything about it…did manage to squeeze in an extra set of RDL’s though



Team Lift

Same deal with superset

Bench: 185x6 190x6 200x6 205x6 215x6

Incline Bench (DB): 70x8 75x8 80x3 75x6
Face Pull with Bands: 8 8 8

Clean Grip/Stance DL: 245x5 265x5 285x5 300x5
Shrugs (DB)- 70x10 70x10 70x10

Box Pushups w/manual resist: 10 10 8
Upright Row: 90x8 100x8 105x8


Missed two days of posting here, so putting them together (damn prelims…)

March 27

Snatch (DB)- 55x5 60x5 65x5 70x5 75x5

Split Squats- 30x8 30x8 30x8 30x8
Wide Grip Pulldowns- 100x8 105x8 105x8 110x8

Ham/Glute Raise- 15kgx6 x6 x8 x10
Bar Hangs (Paralell Grip)- 3x:30

2 Sets of plank series: 1:00 side/1:00 side/1:00 square/:30 right leg, left arm/:30 left leg right arm (continuous)

March 30

Squat- 225x6 265x6 275x4 285x4 300x3 (dammit)

RDL- 240x5 255x5 260x5 265x5
Rows (DB)- 75x8 80x8 80x8

Lunges- 55x6 55x6 55x6 55x6
Side Grip Pullup- 10 9 8

Inverted Rows- (Biceps felt dead tired) 5 5 8
Leg Raises- 12 12 12
High-Low Chop- 40x12 45x12 45x12

I’m now sore as hell in the legs, which is great. I’m just about to do some light cardio, stretching, foam rolling, and get a massage


Been sick for a while, not too happy about it at all.


Skull Crushers in squat rack was a new one…but still kept me from doing my exercises in the order I wanted, ideally I’m doing power cleans first.

Dumbbell Bench: 80x6 80x6 85x6 85x6
Dumbbell Rows: 80x6 80x6 85x6 85x6

Power Cleans: 155x3 165x3 175x3 185x3 195x3 (first time doing them in a long time, needed to figure out new range…set pr)

Military Press: 55x8 50x8 55x8
Close Grip Pulldown: 110x8 130x8 machine got jacked so normal pullup for 8

Face Pull: 120x10 140x10 130x10
Pallof Press: 80x10 90x10 80x10

Plank series: 1:00 prone/1:00 right side/1:00 left side/:30 L arm right leg/:30 R arm left leg (all in a row)

Foam roll, stretch, out


Why do you need a rack to do power cleans? They start from the floor…


Bloobird: We don’t have free barbells in the local rec center, so I take the bar from the rack and put it on the floor. Sadly, the guy doing skull crushers was using one of the three barbells I could use…the other ones were taken on squatsand bench so I had to wait for someone to finish up before I could grab 'em…


Realized the other day I’m not going low enough on my squats, so I’m probably going 2-4 inches lower than I was previously, which has dropped my weight considerably. At least I know I’m doing it right now, and my inability to sit today is a testament to that…

Team Lift Day

Ladders/Footwork Drills (Really hit the quads hard)

Squat: 155x6 175x5 225x4 240x3 260x3 287x1 (failed to get out of hole on 2)

RDL-245x6 255x6 265x6
DB Rows-75x8 80x8 80x8

Lateral Squats: 115x8 115x8 115x8
Reverse Rows: sucked on these, I’m not sure why but 10 8 6

Lunges: 45x8 45x8 45x8

“War Daddys”-15 kg plate, rotate clockwise around head, counterclockwise, then straight arm wheels to the right, then left, then fast straight up and slow on the way down or hold, curls, tricep extensions, lift straight above head up and down, then push straight out in front of chest. Do each part for ~15-20s, I’m not really sure

Ab circuit-Suitcases, Berry pickers, Alternative pikes, Bicycle crunch holds, suitcases

War Daddy again with 10s per exercise

Ab circuit again


Through this workout I realized that it’s time I switched up my routine, at least outside of the team lifts. I’m looking to gain mass and am going to try a more split-type workout. I haven’t done this in a long time (been doing full-body strength focused work) so I’m thinking it 'll be a good move to switch it up.



Bench: 135x6 170x5 205x4 225x3 225x3

Military Press: 50x8 55x8 55x5 50x6
Wrist Rolls: 10lb 2x3

Low Row: 140x10 140x10
Close Grip Pulldown: 100x10 105x10
Bar Hangs: 3x :30

Reverse curls: 55x10 55x10 55x10

Ab Circuit

Felt a lot better than I thought I would considering I got two hours of sleep total thanks to my lazy asshole roommate



Front Squats: 155x5 187x5 199x5 209x5 221x5

DB Snatch: 65x5 70x5 75x5 80x5
Squat Jumps: 140x5 140x5 140x5 140x5
Landmine: 10kgx6 10kgx6 10kgx6 10kgx6

Glue-Ham Raise: 15kgx6 15x6 15x8 15x10
Torso Jammer: 45x5 70x5 70x5 70x5
Weighted Suitcases: 20x20 20x20 20x20 20x20

Power Step Ups: 35x6 35x6 35x6 35x6
BB Rollouts: 10 10 10


1 minute rests between sets


Military Press: 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10
Overhead TE: 55x10 60x10 65x10
Face Pull: 120x12 130x10 130x10
Skull Crushers: 30x10 30x8 (isolating arms) 25x10 (isolating arms)
Back Raises: 22.5x10 22.5x10 22.5x10


Deadlifts: 275x8 285x8 295x8 305x4
Pullups: 10 8 6
Leg Press: 220x8 235x10 250x10
Inverted Rows: 10 10 8
Preacher Curls (weight on side): 25x8 25x6 20x8
Hammer Curls: 30x8 30x8 30x8


DB Bench: 70x10 70x10 70x6 60x10
Dips: 7 8 8
Flies: 35x10 35x10 35x10
Reverse PD: 12.5x12 15x12 15x12
Cut short due to extraneous circumstances.

I’m worried I may not have enough volume in these workouts, does anyone have any feedback on this thought?