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Training for Special Forces

I am currently training to go into Special Forces training for the US Army. And I am constantly training and my friend said I might be over training my body so he refered me to you guys. I normally do 3 days on 1 day off weight training. Legs Day1(40 sets) Back/Chest/Shoulders (64 sets) Day2 Arms Day3(32 sets) I train my abs and calves every day except on off days. As for cardio I am putting in around 50 miles a week on hilled tarmac and I run twice a week with a 60 pound pack. I only allow myself at most 5 hours of sleep a night. If you guys think I am over doing it please toss some suggestions my way tks


Bump for my buddy matt


Can you exceed your previous workout totals every single workout? If yes, then you aren’t overtraining, if you can’t, then you are. weights, reps, should go up, or if static reps and weight, then time to complete should go down. If you are periodising, thats another thing, but each macro cycle should also show the same increased weight or reps or decreased time to complete said reps.

This is one situation where you should be overtraining. Being in special forces is all about extreme stress and dealing with it. I think what you doing is fine. You’re goals are much different than that of a bodybuilder. I would say if you can, keep adding more work load, and back off if you start getting sick. You’re going to need to kick ass under extreme situations, so you need to train your body that way. Good Luck!

I would recommend that you vary your sleep even while getting the 5 hours. What i mean is get two hours then get up and do a wo, then get your other three. Get one, up hour, sleep hour, up again… that will test your mental stress abilitites. Have a buddy call you or find a way to not know when ull have to wake so its much harder. Good Luck

Let’s see if I finally got this right…overstressing one’s body is the way to prepare for a stressful event. Therefore, if he cuts his sleep down to one hour per night, he will have another four hours within which to workout and stress himself more! Makes a lotta sense to me.

Good for you!

  1. Are you running 50 miles a week on tarmac or road marching. If you are working on your running speed and endurance, do just ruat steady state. Check out, Runner World at the base library And try to find a low milage speed building workout.
  2. Keep up the road marches(ruck sack runs) but add cross country movement. It is a lot different moving on uneven terrain, if you have time join an orienteering club and practice you land navigation skills. (PS - The action of you foot hit the ground during a running and when marching are different. They stress different area of the foot. Practice them both.)
    Alternate German Body Comp. training with 5x5 time on alternate days. This will be both endurance and strength. Focus on endurance, you are mostly likely aready strong enough.
    Get a copy of the course of instruction. Focus and memorize as must as possible, before the course.
    What is your MOS? Which specialities are you training in? Are you currently Airborne? Ranger?

Try rereading my post appearently you like to formualte your own ideas what people are saying while only skimming what they acctually wrote. The idea is not to cut his sleep further but to simulate multiple bouts of less sleep. IE NOT TO ASSUME he will get five straight hours, rather to get a few then be disturbed by a drill instructor then get a few more.