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Training for Spartan Race in June


Myself and a few friends are looking into to running a "spartan sprint" race on June 19th this year(basically a 5KM obstacle course outside).I was wondering if anyone on here has experience training for this race or a similar one.we all play rugby and are in relatively good shape but i know we will definately have to step up our endurance work in order to make it through this race in one peice.if anone has any suggestions i'd really appreciate it.



There's something similar called the "Tough Mudder". Here's their website and it has a part that tells you how to train for it.



When I prepared for the Warrior Dash last year we built our own 'odd' course and trained it once a week, adding distance and trying to reduce time/per mile each week. The loop included a sraight run with 3 hurdles to a sledge-hammer station, on to a 100' carry 'out and back' station(we used 50lb pails to Farmers Walk out and a 30lb slosh-pipe to carry back, on to a 2nd slege-hammer station, and then finished the loop with 200lb tire flips. It was a little over a quarter mile per loop. We started about ten weeks out and trained rain or sun.


I ran the warrior dash and if you're in any decent shape you'll be fine. The obstacles in the Spartan Race arent hard. Just go out and run a couple times a week. you're not going to be competitive and win the thing so just work on being able to keep a decent pace and finish the 5K under 30 minutes.

to train for a 3 mile run you need to go out and practice running 3 miles.


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I just rant my first Spartan race last Saturday in Texas. Let me tell you that the warrior dash is nothing compared to the Spartan race. I've done both and the warrior is intended to be more of a fun race. A few tips: get a pair of vibrams and start running/training in those, do lunges, do lunges, and do some more lunges, I'm sure you know you need to be running but don't forget the race is 100% off road. Running in mud and on trails is completely different than running on a treadmil or around the neighborhood (mine pretty much took place running up a mountain covered with rocks).... If you beat 45min you should be damn proud of yourself... It was allot of fun bro