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Training for Some Time, Want to Make a Transformation for Masters Event

Hey guys I’m 35 I’ve been training for quite few years but I really want to do a huge transformation for a master event I’m doing in September 2022(lifesaving racing) and a smaller one for April. But September being the main goal!

Just looking for some advice on cutting/ bulking should I take anything, calories etc. I know it’s sound stupid but I just want to shock people I haven’t seen in years.

Currently following a body part split, Dave Lipton’s muscle anarchy.

I’m 6’6 105kg (230lb)

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I mean you’re relatively lean but you’re lacking a lot of muscle needed for competition. Is the goal to compete, or just to put on a lot of lean muscle?

To add some lean muscle, just a big aesthetic transformation is the goal.

Sorry not a fitness/body building show. Just a to show a big change

You’re doing a race but want to get bigger?

I’m fairly tired so I may be missing it, but the stated goals are a little hard to follow. What’s a master?

I just want to looks way better sorry, I probably typed it badly. The racing is irrelevant at this stage. I just want to look waaay better.

That makes things a lot easier. What is your training regimen currently?

what does your nutrition look like now?

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Im doing a 30 day shred challenge, two weeks to go, of 2480 cals 240p 186c 82f. But I just entered to compete with a friend. Looking for some recommendations of what to do over the next few months, should I try lean out much as I can then add some muscle or vice versa?

I’m 6’6 and currently 103kg (227lb) usually I sit around 106

I’m currently doing muscle splits, Monday legs Tuesday chest weds back Thursday shoulders for arms and 4-5 cardio sessions of 20-25 min.

The sessions are quite intense. Maybe up the frequency and lower intensity?

Nutrition wise I’m doing a month lean of 2400 cals 240p 186c 82f. Dropped down to 103kg.

Should I keep leaning then try put on or what you recommend as best

You are built like a swimmer. Got the John Nabor built and the same heighth. As you are planning to compete in Master’s Lifesaving racing seems like a good thing. What is more important? Appearance or perforance. For swimming, high reps, lot of delt work and…swimming. Appearance you got to work the whole body. What do you want more. I compete in Master’s T&F (shot, discus, hammer) and twice in the Senior Olympics (you’re not old enough yet) 500m swimming. Tell me about the Lifesavings racing if you don’t mind. Sounds interesting.

Honestly, your arms and shoulders are all fairly prominent and you’re pretty lean already. You really need some leg size (a curse for skyscrapers like yourself) and a lot more back meat. I don’t know details about what kind of volume you work during your sessions, but I’d recommend reducing cardio to approx. 10-15 mins per session (unless LISS) and add in some HIIT to substitute.

You might benefit from increasing density as you’re taking a whole day for arms and shoulders individually; both are relatively small muscles. I pretty much universally recommend push/pull/legs as a means of increasing density, but there are plenty of other good programs out there. I’d recommend a modest bulk and really putting some work into legs and back.

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Awesome thank so much for advice! I’m going to go push pull legs for sure ppl rest ppl?

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Thanks so much. Normally I’d agree about performance but This time I just want to be there to show a huge change aesthetically. I reached a real high level and now making a trip out of it, it’s in Italy and I’m based in South Africa.

It’s a cool sport, swimming paddling mock rescues and then 90m sprints and flags(the one where you dive for the stick)

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Hi Olds, welcome.

I’ve no idea what’s ideal for a lifesaving meet. The bulk of what I know comes from watching commercials for Baywatch.

If you’re looking to bulk up, I would recommend against pounding carbs down. I’ve learned the hard way that protein/fats should be emphasized and carbs kept to a minimum. This was after I blew up to a fatso and had to lose the blubber.

BTW, based on the third photo, you might want to check into the posture.

Sorry, I must have missed this. There are a few ways to do it, I’d recommend searching “PPL” in T-Nation and reading the @Paul_Carter article on it for some examples.

I do PPLPP(L) rest, rest. Occasionally skipping the 2nd leg day. I tend to get away with this personally, but my legs grow faster than the rest of my body. YOU unfortunately don’t quite have that luxury… thats your punishment for being tall as f!ck (joking, I’m perfectly average at 5’9 and oppressed by the world for it lol)

You can do PPL rest, PPL, rest… if that works for you - you’ll have to adjust it to your own body and needs

HahahhA ya no skipping legs days for me! I squat amd gym mostly at home have a good setup no machines, maybe I should do one of the leg days at the gym and do more leg press, curls extensions etc.
Currently I do squats dead’s rdls lunges in all forms etc. Maybe higher reps to. Height a blessing and a
Curse! Thanks for the help man really appreciate I’ll keep the questions coming :joy:

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Thanks dude! I’ll do that, reckon it will help with a leaner bulk?

I’ve heard that before re posture , should I go see someone or think I can correct through excercise and mindfulness?

Also in the last pic you can see a huge difference in the trap, and back left compared to right, more single arms stuff? Am I compensating too much or just more focus on it when doing thing like rows shrugs etc. I tore my left trap a few years ago and seems to have become an issue since then

I’m never going to shame squats, but they are not the best movement out there for leg development. Definitely get some quad extensions (or Bulgarian Split Squats, if you have bad knees) ham curls and RDLs in. Good luck!

Well, based off my experience and what I’ve read up on, it’s possible to go with a relatively lean bulk. It’s even possible to gain muscle and lose fat both at the same time, but that’s tricky to get right and you might not feel that either is going fast enough.

As for the posture, I wouldn’t presume to give advice. Maybe you can figure it out on your own or maybe a specialist would help.

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