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Training for Size Help


hi guys im writing to ask for some examples of how you all train for simple size because iv just started training with a new partner and we are both trying to work out a plan at the moment we are training 4 times a week together but i do 1 extra day on chest just to build a little extra size we usually train chest and tris monday, back and bis tuesday, shoulders wendsday, i do chest nd bis thursday and finally legs friday (end of the week so no pain with work)

we where thinking 1 week go heavy 4-6 reps and for example 6 workout on big muscle groups and 3 on small and the other week high rep range of 10-12 and same amount of workouts out plan was to shock the muscle into growth so they dont get use to a work out but im starting to wonder if thats just bro knowledge iv heard in the gym or if it would actually work so if any 1 has any advice or wants to give me an example of there routine for simple size it would be appreciated and any advice is welcome good and bad im here to learn :slight_smile:





thanks for the input hallowed just had a look and for some reason i dont feel like theres enough volume there and i know alot of guys here will say if your training properly you wont be able to hammer out the sets but i can do slow negatives with 100% my 1RM and i dont feel like i should leave untill i cannot move my chest and i wont stop untill iv done all 6 workout even if it means lifting pussy weights for last few workouts it might just be me i just dont feel as if 3 workouts on chest is personally enough for my body but then i question is that why im not growing like i want to be because i am trainig to much when im there :confused:


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Hallowed's advice was good. I'm not sure what you're saying - don't understand your method but if it's not getting the results you want, why continue?


Sorry guys I'm just a dumb lil welshboy :frowning: and what I mean is I find it hard to believe looking at alexey lesukov work out he's only doing 10 sets a week to his chest when I'm doing so much more. What I'm asking is does any one here think that 6 work outs is to much on chest. I am growing I'm just wondering if I did less would I grow more.


Are you trying to say you're doing chest 6 times a week? The english is a little confusing, if you mean sets then no I don't think that 6 sets is too much for chest/week.


Okay man, I'm gonna try to help you a little.
First, there's no such thing as 'shock the muscle into growth' it's just bro science from the gyms around the world.
Second, try the routine from Hallowed's post for some time,stay consistent and eat enough to promote growth.
And what do you do in your 6 workouts for chest?? That seems a little too much...


I think he means sets not workouts, the english is a little off. Correct me if I'm wrong OP.


I thought that too, and if he means sets I agree with you, 6 sets are not too much for chest per week


I mean workouts as in I'll do incline bench,decline bench,incline dumbbell press,decline dumbbell press,incline flys and then machine flys.


And sorry about the english boys not my strongest subject :confused:


Exercises? Well I guess it depends on the amount of work sets you do per exercise. Most people will do fin with 9-12 work sets with 2-3 exercises. So you'd probably be better off picking your favorite 2-3 out of those and doing a couple work sets of each.


on each exercise i will do 4 work sets of 4-6 1 week and 10-12 another week just to alternate between lifting for strength and lifting for size. so all in all im doing 24 working sets is that to much.


"just to alternate between lifting for strength and lifting for size"

Stop clusterfucking and start training/eating like a motherfucker get better every workout.


OP pick one goal, size or strength, lift hard and heavy(er) every workout and eat enough to promote growth.
Simple as that


i have a 4-day split that i use.

day 1 - all the muscles on the left side of my body
day 2 - all the muscles on the right side of my body
day 3 - all the muscles on the 'front' side
day 4 - all the muscles on the 'back' side


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I question that also.

What you posted sounds like how I trained when I was 16 years old and had no idea what to do


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