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Training for Silver Level NAS Comp

My name is Pat and i recently decided that Strongman training motivated me more than training for anything else, as i have always been fascinated with watching comps on TV. I found a low level strongman competition in my state on July 12th in Latrona Heights, PA. Ive been attempting to train for this and injured my shoulder. I took 4 weeks off from OHP and ran Smolov JR for my deadlifts which i completed 2 days ago.

My number’s aren’t impressive, but goddamn if im not going to try and change that.

I tinkered around with a basic strongman routine i found on marunde muscle and came up with this.

WL Session 1-

Power Cleans 8 sets, work up to 1-3RM
Deadlifts- work up to 1RM for day, then remove 40lbs do 2 sets of 3, add 15lbs do 3 sets of 2, (re-attempt max, if hit max, add 5lbs*)
*this depends on how i am feeling…also, it will be variations of the Deadlift, platforms, etc.
Inverted Bw Rows(Fat man Pullups) 4-5x8-10
Bench Press 3x5

WL Session 2-
OHP/Push Press/BTN Jerk


CGBP-Same loading parameters as deadlift
Incline DB Bench-Hammer Grip 3-4x6-8
Crucifix Holds 3-4xmax time
Deloaded SK’s 4x8
Weighted Pullups-3x3

Day 3-WL Session 3

OHS(light warmups)3x5
Front Squats-same loading parameters as CGBP/Bench
DB Walking Lunges
Reverse Sled Drags(will be done at home, meaning no matter what, this is will be last in m workout)
CORE/Biceps(Heavy Hammer Curls)

Day 4-Events

Farmers Walks/Keg Beahug Carries/Duck Walks/Until i get a tire, maybe lighter zercher deadlift

This is just a baseline, as i will adjust everything as i need. Also, i will be posting diet on days. Im currently in the middle of a deload, so this program will begin next week. I welcome all/any comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc. as I am very new to strongman training. I have a ghetto ass sled, farmers handles, and will hopefulyl be acquiring a log soon, depending on if i decide a trip to vegas is more important than a log, believe me, its a tough decision.