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Training for 'Show' and 'Go'

Hi all,

for those of you that play non-pro level sports, train for them and take it seriously, but at the same time want to look good, how do you approach this?

a) train for the sport and let the physique follow?
b) train for the physique and let the sport follow?
c) balance training for sport and physique and succeed at both?

For those of you who answered c) what sports/skills are you training for, along with physique goals, and how did you approach this/ how successful have you been?


If you’re serious about your sport, I say focus on performance and let your physique fall where it may. As long as you are training hard and eating right you will have a good physique. You can’t out-train a bad diet, so focus on just eating well and getting better at your sport and you will see great results.

As Jim Wendler says, “Performance trumps everything.”

Best of luck!