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training for shooting

just started shooting, but my stamina or whatever sucks, i get shaky after 2-3 shots, havent been able to train shoulders for a year becaurse of an injury in the left shoulder. luckily im right handed but what kind of training is good for me? should a stand with a dumbbell straight out for a minute or should i do regular training?

Two suggestions:

1 - Hand strength will help more than anything. I shoot competitions about once a month and practice about twice as often. Since I’ve added grip work to my regiment it has helped the shooting immensely. You tend to tighten the muscles of the arm in an effort to control the weapon, but really it should be the hands doing that. The arms are only there to stabilize the hands.

2 - General strength if you are really weak, but unless you are shooting a stainless 44 with a 10-inch barrel you should have enough strength to support the gun.

The only other thing I can suggest is to take a training course. Not a state mandated one, but a good tactical handgun course. They can give you feed back as to how you are shooting and help you with form. I have taken several. One was over the course of three days and we fired 1800 rounds. It was the best thing that ever happened to my competitive shooting. It was totally different in respect to competitions, but it carried over. Kinda like shooting cross training.

Hope this helps!

You can’t really do anything with weightlifting to help you shoot better. First thing you should do is take a firearms class. If your shaking you might be nervous. I would recomend taking a basic firearms course. I learned to shoot form the best (usmc 0331 oo-rah !!! )

  1. Breath (inhale exhale)
  2. Clear Front sight tip.
  3. Slow steady squeeze no jerking of trigger
    BTW what are you shooting ???
    Sig Sauer - live free or die

thanks for the feedback, if you say strength isnt that important, i guess your right. just getting the feeling my shoulder is to weak since i havent used it in awhile. im swedish so i haveto be a member of a shooting club to be able to get my own gun. so i get some support there, iv only shot twice but really dont like getting shaky after a couple of shots. um.