Training for rugby on a limited schedule

As some of you may know I live in Japan. The beginning of August is full of summer festivals(lots of beer, chicken and girls in cute traditional japanese outfits!!!).

Anyway. Whilst drinking beer, eating chicken and watching said cute girls I got talking to one of the assistant rugby teachers from my high school. It was his first time to see me in a t-shirt and he was surprised to see that I have muscles!!! We ended up talking about rugby and how much we both love it.

He asked me to join his local team for some practice sessions. Here in lies my problem.Soon I will be working 7 days a week. Rugby practice is on Thursdays. I can lift weights on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Any ideas or thoughts???

why don’t you lift Mon and Tue and Fri or Sat? This way you won’t be going 4 straight days and be sore as hell for rugby practice. You’ll have a complete day off before rugby practice, and then a day off afterwards, if you choose to lift Saturday.

My schedule is so tight that Mon, Tue and Wed are the only days I have. Getting married next month so I want to spend time with my wife.

It can be done. I dont see a problem with it.

Most people worry a little too much about overworking. Unless you beat your legs up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday you dont need to worry. A simple split such as the following will work well:

Monday: Back/Chest
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Soulders/tris/bis
Thursday: Rugby practice

I would make sure you stretch after each session to speed up recovery, reduce risk of injury, and maximize performance. I would also begin a workout by doing very high rep sets for the muscle groups worked the day before, as this will improve blood flow to the tendons, thus reducing joint problems, and speed up recovery of that muscle (Dave Tate and Christian Thibeaudeau have both strongly recommended this. Thibeaudeau recommends 2-4 sets totaling 100 reps for each muscle group).

Hey Spidey,
I’d do a full body workout on Mon with a bit more of a lower body/posterior chain focus, a “recovery” type workout on Tues, and a full body workout on Wed. with somewhat of an upper body focus. Forget isolation exercises.
Just a thought.

How about ,

Monday. Legs and back
Tuesday.Chest and shoulders
Wednesday. Whole body workout using bodyweight exercises.

Any thoughts???

I hope your rugby skills are better than your forum ones! Please do not post the same question on 2 forums. I have copied across my answer from the Lair thread as you have ignored it there.

A few more details are required,
have ever played rugby before?

what position are you going to play?


Do they only practice once per week?

This 7 days pw, how many hours and for how long?

What is more important rugby or weights? [/quote]

Hey Spidey,
The problem I see with your plan is you will then get 3 workouts in a row for upper body. I would flip day one and 2 around, your lower body would have a better chance of handling it.
I still say do full body workouts on Mon, and Wed. Monday start with Olifts or Hybrids…huge payoff for rugby. Then 2-3 exercises for legs/lower posterior chain, 1 mid/upper back, 1 front upper body and 1 tris, then abs. “Recovery day” I’d do a light pick up game of something, swim, medicine ball work, or very light weights, any of these would help promote recovery. I’d also do some ab work again. Do hip mobility, agility drills and sprint drills each day. Wed I’d again open with Olifts or hybrids(different exercise)2 posterior chain exercises, 1 for mid/upper back again, 1 for front upper body and 1 each for bi(revers or hammer curl), tris(dips) and abs. Monday and Wed could be flipped if you wanted. This way your whole body gets 2 weight workouts a week with a day rest in between and then you get three days to recover After the workouts and your game. You can do active recovery stuff at home as well.
Just some thoughts.
You might be better served by getting in direct contact with Coach Davies.

I would agree w/ T-Ren’s post w/ how about just working out Mon, full body focus on lower body, off on tues or abs, and cardio (HITT) and in on wed. w/ weights again full body w/ emphisis on your upper body. And, if you can work-out on friday throwing another full body work-out.

Ididnt ignore you mate!!! I just happen to have the sittiest internet connection in the known universe!!!

I look forward to responding to your advice if my computer allows it!!!

Why not try this out Mon (full body emphises on lower) tues (abs,lower back, road work(sprint)), wed. (full body emphises on upper)thurs. (practice) fri (full body emphises on upper and lower equally the same).

I think this will work out better for u.

In Health,

Silas C.

Why do a wednesday weight session. Two days a week is heaps if you are already in good condition. Fitness is the main priority in rugby, focus on that first then weights which should be olympic and powerlifting orientiated w/ additional core work (ie rotational).
Obviously the training prog you decide on depends on your goals, if rugby is just a social thing then train however you want. At one practice a week it cant be too serious.

It is more social than serious but I would still like to do the best I can in the given situation.

Havent played seriously for a few years but would love to get back into it. The advice so far has been quite helpful guys. Thanks.

Here is spidey’s response from the other thread, please say there was only one other hehehehe.

Ok, heres the info.

Im 5 foot 8 and around 83kg. Im going to be playing scrum half in practice.

Mon, Tues and Wed are good for training with weights or whatever. Thursday is rugby day. Friday I have to be up and out by 7 ish and I get home about 5 but this is the only free time I get to spend with the wife.

Saturday and Sunday are bothew 9-10 hour days and Im usualy too tired to do anything after work then.

Lifting is more important to me than the rugby. [/quote]

Size is prob about right for a halfback, phew! You will however need some specific skills focussed on passing.

For the rest I agree with Whetu.

Include some sled work, light weight over short distance 30-40 yards. This will help with those darting runs down the blindside… fends the opposition loosie who was just too slow, the winger comes at him, side steps him totally wrong footed, only 20 meters to go, he has all the pace… TRY!!!
And Spidey has cast another web around the opposition. hehehehe

yeah, and go the All Blacks, kees mews you da man, now he’s a fukn T-man!!!

As good as you Kiwis are I reckon that England are gonna get this one. I reckon that it will be a N.Z vs Eng final for the world cup BUT I reckon that we may just edge you out!!!

Cheers for all the advice.

England will be tough, don’t forget France either they always do well at RWC. Can’t see SA coming right, Aussie hmmmmmmm, ask me in a few weeks after Auckland test.

There is a long way to go and as with many world cups, the best team at the tournament doesn’t always win eg 1995.

Agreed. england are a well oiled machine. but who got them like that. it sure as fuck wasn’t Clive. there was some bald waikato guy working with them when thing strated to turn around tho. who’s he coaching now? cant say im his biggest fan but after what he did to the Oz and SA teams his respect in this country has skyrocketed…