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Training for Pro Wrestling...

Hey guys,
Looking for some suggestions as to how to train for some pro wrestling. I want to stay quick and athletic, but also need to be big and strong too…

So I need to be big, strong, powerful, agile and flexible.




Go back to your power rack

awww dude. that’s sweet thanks for the help… anyome got anything constructive to say?

How long have you been lifting?
What programs have you already tried?
What kind of numbers are you putting up now?

I think a power lifting based program similar to those that football players use would be most beneficial. I would combine heavy power lifting with a heavy dose of cardio.

I have no expertise in that field but it seems to me that the only area where unusual strength is very much under test is lifting ability, both to shoulders and overhead.

It is also obviously vital to have excellent range of motion in all possible motions. Part of this would have to include being very conscious of preserving/obtaining shoulder health and range of motion.

Training for ability to deal with high volume work also would seem very desirable. Ability to do well with both high and low reps would seem important.

Other than this, the needs seem more similar to bodybuilding than strength sports. That is to say, it seems it would make more of a positive difference for your career for your chest to look great, for example, than for you to necessarily have a truly outstanding bench press.

(It would not be possible to build a chest that looked great but was not strong enough for professional wrestling, so that is not an outcome that should be worried about.)

Yes, it’s great for a professional wrestler to be truly amazingly strong as for example the Undertaker, John Cena, or Mark Henry are, but very definitely having the strength of Chris Jericho, for example, fully allows a million-dollar-per-year career if everything else is in place.

[quote]Master Yoda wrote:
awww dude. that’s sweet thanks for the help… anyome got anything constructive to say?[/quote]

In terms of becoming a wrestler in England, you are out of luck. Wrestling is not a well watched sport as it is in America. If you wanted to go down an amateur fighting route I would look up hand to hand martial arts like krav maga or judo.

Depending on how long your have been lifting, if you are a beginner then strength work will be your first port of call, something WSFSB III with a dynamic day is a good starting point, if you have been training for a while then MMA workouts ( https://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/in_need_of_an_mma_workout?id=1509017&pageNo=0 ).

Also fitness is going to a big issue if you are going to be wanting to compete, being able to last along time against an opponent is key.

You will also need to get your nutrition nailed, with relatively high carbs (200g+) and protein (1g/lb) as the training, if you go for it, is pretty intense.

Yet several “superstar” professional wrestlers in the US are British or from the UK. So it is possible.

Though as with other such pursuits, only a tiny percentage of those that have potential and try, actually reach the top. So by “possible” I don’t mean that out of the typical group of say 100 athletic young men that wish to pursue it and make good effort to do so, a single one will necessarily make it that far.

Echelon, pro wrestling is like WWE, I think you may be thinking of amateur wrestling.

[quote]Master Yoda wrote:
Looking for some suggestions as to how to train for some pro wrestling.[/quote]

Why? I’m not joking, but are you looking to make a career out of it or is it just a hobby?

Do you have any athletic background, either in “traditional” sports or in martial arts?

Your profile says you’re a student. Is that high school or university?

You’re 6’4", 245, and 23% bodyfat. I’d say your priority should be to drop 20-25 pounds of fat and add 25-30 pounds of muscle. Do that, while learning the basics of pro wrestling, and you’ll be off to a good start… unless you want to go the King Kong Bundy route, in which case, just bulk for the next 200 pounds and you’re golden.

Esk221 is a member here and he’s a pro wrestler. If you’re 108% serious about it, you might want to PM him.

[quote]Gmoore17 wrote:
Echelon, pro wrestling is like WWE, I think you may be thinking of amateur wrestling.[/quote]

I know, but he will go further in amateur wrestling whilst still have a good solid job.