Training For Post Secondary Potential Training

So I made a Forum post on how to train for A possible college scholarship for football.
Im Standing at 6’3 310 lbs. Position is nose guard. Im going into my senior year and I recently participated in a football training camp and a coach said that I have potential if I can get explosive strength in the legs.
So what should I do to dominate my position next year?

I would follow the HP Mass Program for legs and do a lot of power cleans and power snatches as the activation exercises and mix them in to the main workout in place of deadlifts every couple of cycles. Lots of jumping variations (check out CT’s neural charge videos) and lots of short-distance sprints, like 20-30 yards at a time.

Get on a lifting program (you can find many on this site) that has you getting consistently stronger on the bench press, squat, and power clean. Do lots of box jumps and other explosive movements. Continue to practice nose guard skills and proper technique because that will be more important then any weight training.

Or follow 5/3/1 for football.

@The lineman: I would personally use the Layer System, get the Plazma package w/ indigo & MAG-10, set up a log, get FitDay mobile app to track what you eat, make an eating plan & have Chris look over it. Dead-Squat launches with a dead-squat bar are an easy & awesome explosive exercise, power clean, & press, snatch grip high pulls, check out CT’s article from a few days ago, sprints, prowler sprints, I’d buy a dead-squat bar if you don’t have one, do 10-15 minutes of jumps, box jumps especially every day…

really there’s nothing that will help you become more explosive than the Olympic lifts & the dead-squat launch is very easy to learn & use you can use more weight without worrying about technique as much, sure technique is important but DSL isn’t as technical as other Olympic lifts…there are many resources on this site…sure some of the above is an investment, but it’s an investment in yourself & if it saved you thousands on college it is well worth it…you’ll only become better out of it