Training for Physique

Hey guys,

I have trained primarily using lp programs up to this point as I lifted to help me increase my strength for sport (wrestling) never really for physique goals. Currently my lifts are a 195 bench, 335 conventional deadlift and 275 squat.

With that said, my main training goal now is to pursue and achieve that men’s physique look and want to know the best way to go about it given my current stats and current physique (will link a picture at bottom).

What program or training would be most conducive to my long term goals as well as what should i be doing diet wise (cut/bulk) or other recommendations you may have. I have not been in a position where I train purely for aesthetics as I have always trained for sport but with me no longer competing I can finally take my physique goals seriously and would greatly appreciate any and all advice!

Thanks guys!