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Training for Physique/Muscle Model?


Anyone know?

Any difference in training, diet, super supplements use ?

I know they stay lean year long but apart from that, any one know ?


I think its mostly the same except for the super supplement use which i would like to know about if anyone knows


zraw you thinking about competing sorry if you have answered that else where i just know many prominent members describe how they train and their diet i dont think i have ever seen anything about you.


Yes ! At first I was thinking about a bbing show but my build would be way better for physique imo

I enjoy bodybuilding shows but wouldnt feel that comfortable posing in front of my friends and family and strangers in a little speedo while doing a routine.. lol


The drugs are going to be the same, I'm curious about the training part.


I would imagine that things would be the same (with slightly less emphasis on legs because they're covered up, obvi)

I think that Physique is just a little bit smaller than BB with a little more emphasis on lines instead of mass.


Well I know how a few of the more popular ones train

Mad titan: his routine is similar to layne nortons power hypertrophy but sticks to 5 rep range a bit more then layne. Lots of back work, lots of legs, heavy weights 2x a week freq, he has an article on simply shredded that details his full routine

Mike ohearn: 1x a week frequency 5 workouts a week. trains the bench, squat and deadlift like a powerlifter and gradually peaks like most of them do. the rest is like a bodybuilder, 8-10 rep sets, straight sets, high volume

Gregg plitt - 5 days a week, does not lift heavy, but is an absolute volume factory, i remember his one shoulder workout video i watched he did, BTN press, wide grip front press, then closer grip front presses, lateral raises, rear flys, front raises and a few more, i did it once, took a couple hours and he goes that high volume on everything


A lot of the physique guys do interviews on simplyshredded and cutandjacked. It seems a vast majority, I'd say 80%, seem to do a typical 1x week frequency, higher volume workouts. Usually something like:


And usually a chest workout is something like

DB Incline 3-4 sets
Flat Bench 3-4 sets
Dips 3-4 sets
Incline DB Fly 3-4 sets
Cable Crossovers 3-4 sets

with reps in the 6-15 range. A lot of time if they do have multiple bodyparts per workout, it's a good deal of supersets, most eat the standard 6-meals a day, no carbs at night, ect.

I will say there are a few exceptions though, like those Blackagger mentioned, and some guys like Lex Griffin, who approach training differently, and those are always the one's I seem to like the most. Mo idea why, though. lol.


Hey guys, I heard Ronnie Coleman trained each muscle group twice per week.


Was always under the idea they stay away from heavily aromatizing compounds

Heard some rumours about a few fitness competitors only running HGH year round, and some var and clen precontest


this would actually sound somewhat reasonable, anyone else here anything similar?

I can see lots of these guys using aromatising ones when they are building their initial base of size then move to something like this when they need so stay the same year round


I read something like that over on ironmagazine (not sure if ppl like that site or if their info is good). But it makes sense that would want aromatizing so they have less water retention and remain drier at all times.


You'd think they would do the same things as bodybuilders, just less. Less drugs, less food, lower weights etc.


^ this.


Good summary here. Steve Cook is obviously another that comes to mind. Never really seen a physique competitor contest only photos. Do you reckon there would be a component in grading for how "attractive" they look visually?

Go for it Zraw, from one of your earlier pics just after you trained with Skip you looked good (at least the torso pic I saw). You'd do great.

Waiting on Bug and Austin to do the same :slight_smile: - no disrespect if you're aspiring for something different.


I think the main difference is less weight, lower drug dosages (in some cases), year round strict diet and a hell of a lot of isolation exercises and volume. Someone else mentioned Gregg Plitt, it's fair to say that the guy has some of the most insane Biceps I've ever god damn seen and he switches up his exercises very regularly. Specifically the angles. I remember him mentioning that when he does BB Curls he alternates between wide grip and regular because it hits different parts of the biceps.