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Training for Olympic Lifting


Is there anybody here who is currently training for Olympic Lifting? I have recently made it my goal to become an Olympic lifter but I don't know how to go about doing it besides becoming my own coach. I don't have any hookups or any idea on how I am supposed to find a coach to train me. Is there anyone who knows where or how to find a coach and how you get them to train you?


Being someone from Utah with two weightlifting meets under my belt, I think I can give you some help. Let me know were you live and I might know a coach in your area.


Find a coach. I've been doing Oly lifting for a few months now, and I still get it wrong. It's more about skill than strength.


I've been lifting for almost 2 years now and I've another competition in October. It is essential that you find a good coach to tell you how to lift properly. Pace and technique are very important, get these right first and don't worry if you are useing light weights. You will find that the weights will go up like feathers when the technique is right. keep with it, it's a great feeling been able to clean and jerk your own bodyweight and more


If teaching yourself get Tommy Konos book its amazing the guy explains technique better in writing then most videos can.


Theres Olyimpic lifting competitionbs in Ireland...?


Honestly, if you want to become a decent competitive olympic lifter, you will have to get some coaching.


Theres Olyimpic lifting competitionbs in Ireland...?

The next one I know of is in Cork in October, Not sure of the date, mostly consists of lifters from the north or Limerick. There is a need to improve competitors in the south but as with all minority sports there is no interest. It is also very hard to get young people involved as the mis-conception is there that it is bad for their physique


Im moving to Orem to go to UVU on Aug 26th so if you could help that would be awesome!


Since you're posting this in Thib's forum, I feel it necessary to point out that the Black Book of Training secrets has a very thorough, detailed explanation of all the lifts as well as a 12 week program. Obviously no substitute for a coach, but a great start either way.