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Training for Neurotype 1A/1B?

Hi Christian

Always thought I was a 1b and test has said the same. However many people have said I have a lot of 1a characteristics which the test also says. Just wondering what your thoughts were as I feel like my results in other types were very low in particular 2a as it is usually high in 1b as far as I have seen from seeing other posts on the form.

What would be your training advice?? 1b with low volume??

Many thanks

P.s. thanks for taking the time answering all the questions on the form really appreciate the support you give and keep up the good work.


Go to CT’s personal forum “Thibarmy”. He has example programs for each Neurotype.

Well 1A and 1B both have a strong dopaminergic system, so they will obviously have similarities. You could be a 1B with extreme dopamine sensitivity OR you could be a 1A who has such a high opinion of himself that he overestimates his natural athletic abilities and thus score high as a 1B.

Do you only have one speed: all-out or do you easily adjust your level of intensity to the situatution?

I’d say I’m pretty good at adapting

how do i find out my type?

Yeah so that would be 1B… 1A force their personality unto others.

Both havr dominant dopaminergic systems, but for different reasons.

1A are undermethylaters, leading to low levels of the enzymes that break down dopamine and adrenaline Essentially putting them “on” pretty much all the time. That makes them impatient, prone to quick anger and extremely competitive. And since they are “all-out” all the time they can’t easily tone their personality down.

1B are overmethylaters, leading to high levels of the enzymes that break down dopamine and adrenaline. So these two neurotransmitters do not last long when released which keeps them super sensitive to them. So when they do release it, they have a huge response but it can be brought down easily. Along with their high serotonin level, that makes them easily adaptable.

Thanks for the response. So should my training just be typical 1B training or does the high 1A score mean it needs to be modified maybe lower volume or more heavy work??

@napelazam, I don’t like hijacking this thread, take CTs neurotype assessment on his personal forum, Thibarmy.

is it blood test?
I just tested with a free test, who would pay for that, I am 1a most likely.

I think the high 1A score simply mean that you are super sensitive to dopamine. You should be ok training like a regular 1B