Training for Muscle Mass and Strength

Hello CT,
I have a question:

I hit the gym on monday (45 mins.)
Wednesday (45 mins.)
Thursday (could train for max. 75 mins.)

I can’t train longer on Monday and Wednesday.
(Work, kids)

This is my schedule of the last couple of weeks:

Squat 4x6 reps (in rest i do st calf raises)
Deadlift 4x6 reps (in rest i do seated calf raises)
Forward Lunges 2x8 reps each leg.
Hyperextension 3x12 reps
TRX plank crunch 12 reps


Bench press 4x6 reps 60 mins. rest and than i have chin ups max. reps and repeat.

Same combo…Bend over row barbell with Dipping. 3x8-10 reps

Same combo…Standing Military barbell shoulder press with High Row (traps) 3x 8-10 reps

Same combo…French press incline bench with standing biceps barbell curl. 3x8-10 reps

I switch my training days.
Next week; B-A-B

Is this enough for growth?

Thanks allready

Maartrn from the Netherlands

LOL weird timing I’m in Amsterdam right now

Is it enough? How has been your progress so far? How are you feeling?

If you go hard enough on ypur work sets , rarely will a program not be enough for growth

Not sure if I like the calves work between sets of squats and deads

Well… I can’t train often so I hope this schedule is enough to make progress.
I am 6.3 inches
My weight is 182 lbs.

Fat % is 15

Did I make a good split?

What CT wanted to know how it worked for you ? Depending on the person and it’s “skill” 2 sets could be enough or too much or too less.
Do you do straight sets or progressiv heavier sets?

CT do you like paused style reps on the big lifts for muscle mass?

I’ve been enjoying pausing bench and letting it “rest” on the pec/upper ab, and then exploding up.

There’s a relaxing of tension as bar rests on torso but I feel an incredible explosive contraction/pump when I do these with heavy weight 3-5 reps.

And deadlifts by nature are kind of like this, as are front squats off pins/boxes…do you like this style of training for compound movmeents? thanks

Sometimes but never like you describe. I NEVER release tension during pauses (for example relaxing the bar on your chest in a bench or just “hanging down” in a squat). Really bad idea for injury potential.

Not even close to being similar. In both cases you are NOT under load in a relaxed position, which is the dangerous element.

This guy has the most unreal bnech press strength/weight ratio. It’s unbelivable lol…

Starting at 1:09, you can see when he does the pause there’s an indentation (“relaxation”) into the torso before exploding up.

I don’t know if that’s proper way to describe it

we have comparable leaness (I look bigger with pump i think) but my training max is 225 for bench.

He literally 2x’es me in bench but his physique is definteily not 2x. It’s quite unreal to me as I would imagine my body looking quite different if I can post his poundages on bench…

  1. that’s a typical powerlifting bench press. Yes he pauses and sink in the chest but there is no loss of tension

2 I can’t wait for you to stop comparing yourself to others, it’s really annoying and has done nothing but lead to training confusion over the past few years.

way to go buddy!


Actually let me rephrase that, it’s ONE TYPE of competition bench press. Pavel discusses it in his powerlifting book (his second power to the People) and basically describes it as a lying push press… you actually start the pressing motion by “throwing” the barbell up with your torso. It WILL make you lift more weight if you time it right, but it is more of a technique trick than a technique to build muscle.