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Training for Mountain Climbing

I’ve been asked by a female friend of mine (25yo, 5’3", ~125lbs) do develop a diet and workout plan to prepare her for a mountain climb she is undertaking in about 6 months. A searched the forum and couldn’t really find anything to definite that was recent so I thought I’d repost this topic.

On the diet side I’m not looking to do anything too drastic. I’m thinking just teach her the basic Berardi principles, 30/30/40 carb/fat/protein split with carbs towards the morning and PWO. I’m tempted to do something more agressive so she can shed some significant bodyfat but I don’t want to disturb her training with a significant calorie deficit. However since she’s got 6 months, maybe I can use the first 2-3 months to melt the fat off with something more aggressive. Thoughts?

On the training side, she has a pretty good schedule setup with climbing 4 days a week and strength training 3 day and some cardio mixed in. The problem is that she doesn’t know what to do on those 3 strength training days. Does anyone have a good 3-day climb training split? I’m thinking og something like Legs/Back/Torso and Grip where Leg and Back days would also incorporate grip work (farmers walks/pull-ups)

Another problem I have with her is the issue of pull-ups. One of my goals is to turn her into a pull-up monster. I’ve read CT’s “Keep Your Chin Up” article, but I believe it’s most basic program starts with someone that can do 4-6 pull-ups, and she can only do 2. What are some good programs for women?