Training for Military Style Obstacle Course

going to be doing a “Mud Run” in september. its a 10K “military inspired” obstacle course. we have a co-ed team and although i think i will do fine, the gals on our squad are fearing the obstacles. (they are runners) they dont think they will be able to climb walls etc. Do any of you have any advice that i could give them? I know this isnt a forum for runners but this isnt just a regular 10K. One, my friends mom has MS and we are raising money to contribute to it. so its a good cause. Secondly,they want different lifts to do and what not. I came to this forum to design my own routine, so i dont think im in the position to give too much advice on the subject. Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

heres the link to the run, theres a video, but they dont tell you what obstacles

no one has anything? cmon fellas i need some help here!

Examine the movements involved in obstacle courses. Aside from balance challenges, most obstacles consist of pulling or pushing yourself over something. For example, the wall is essentially a small jump, big pull, and a slight push over.

I actually trained a female friend to pass the Army’s Air Assault School obstacle course a while back. Our goals were to perform 6 pullups and 12 dips to ensure she made it through.

I think she was able to do around 8 pullups and 15 dips right before she left. She now has her Air Assault wings.

Start out with bands for assistance if they’re weak in these movements. After a few weeks, they’ll be strong enough to use lighter bands or bodyweight.

leave the b!tches to fend for themselves…they’ll only slow you down…

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Condition Condition Condition.

You need to be sprinting and doing complexes… As well as pullups and chinups.

I’ve run some hard courses and I’m telling you, fatigue is the biggest problem. Easily.

If you can find a course to train on that would be massive.

thanks alot everyone for your insight. i will pass along this link to her. as i said, im not actually training her as i consider myself a novice at best, she just wanted ideas. This is where i come for all ideas and questions regarding fitness.