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Training for Maximal Size

How you guys doing? Well, I’m about to start this program, goodtimes indeed. I workout at home so I was wondering what exercise I can substitute in place of dips? Also, I see there’s no ab training in the program, whats the deal with that. Thanks.

Do your ab training at home on your spare time.

Close Grip Bench.

I replied to your PM and recommended a close-grip decline or flat bench press. Also, ab work is to be done outside the gym in your spare time. A 5x5 session of Janda Situps work well to maintain and increase core strength.


You can do bench dips by putting your feet up on a chair. Add resistance by putting a plate across your legs. When that gets too easy superset it with close grip bench or triceps extensions.

Hey Joel

Thanks for reminding me of those Janda situps - my ab workout was getting a bit dated…!