Training for Maximal Size Program

I was digging through some of the older programs on the site and came across this one. The idea is simple enough, big lifts, varying rep/set schemes. I’m looking for some feedback from any who have tried this program in the past as I plan on starting it tomorrow.

Not really a fan, I actually like JP Catanzaro’s new article, it is similar but (assuming you choose the first option) you are lifting around 5x a week. Three days a week, like the program you posted, isn’t enough, unless you have time constraints.

The program I posted is three workouts, but not done only three days a week. He says to lift as many days as your body can hadle, I had planned on lifting six days, going through each workout twice a week. I have been using a 5 day split, with no off days and have made significant gains. I just ran accross this article and thought I’d give it a go. I like the Russian Approach article too, which is what got me looking through the old workouts. I am debating on which program I am going to try.

I started the workout this morning and I liked it a lot. I’ve never been big on focusing on tempo of the lift but i figured i’d follow the workout as close as i could and i must say, i noticed a huge difference and i like it. I’ll do day two tomorrow followed by day three, then start from day 1 again, I havent fully decided whether or not to take a day off or to lift seven days a week. Any suggestions from people who have used a similar program?

0 days off? mmm kay…

Yes, 0 days off, it’s how I’ve trained for over a year now with results that you can’t argue with. I take 5-7 days “off” every couple of monthes or so and focus on mobility and function, mostly just giving my body a break. I did decide to take today off, as the article recommends up to six days a week so that’s what I’ll do.