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Training for Ice Hockey

I am trying to improve my ability in ice hockey, and was wondering if anyone could suggest a good training program that would help me to be more powerful and faster, as well as stronger in the corners to really kick some ass. With the wealth of info on this site, it is hard to select what I should be doing. If anyone has any exercise suggestions or programs that would be great.

I would look into some of Charlie Francis’ stuff. Hes a sprint coach but im think it could apply to skating as well. Also if you havent already read John Davies articles go back and read them. His advice would probably help too.

1)run stairs/bleachers. i did this going into my sr year, and it gave me so much explosive power, and got me into good on ice shape. personally, i had better results on ice from bleacher running then flat sprints.
2)stickhandle a golfball on concrete as fast as you can. i used to do it when i was bored, and my hands got so much better, ESPECIALLY in tight situations, like behind the net, in corners, and scrums.

Imidate improvements can be made by improving your weaknesses. Depending on what position you play, this could vary a great deal. You also didn’t list your training age or how long you have before season starts. If you have some time Ian King’s limping and super strength 12 week programs are very good (the upper and lower body should be done together). No matter how much time you have start doing Renegade rope training. It will kill you at first, but focus on progress, not how long you are really jumping and you will have it in no time. Best of luck.

Thanks for the input guys. I have read the Ian King 12 week series and am going to give them a try. Also the renegade training, both regular and renegade rope training, seem awesome. I am a newbie as far as training age goes. Only about 3-4 serious months. Also I don’t have long till I start playing, only about 3 weeks to a month. Thanks again guys.