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Training for Hockey Players Under 16yrs.

my nephew is 13yrs old and wants to start traing with weights,should he wait until he is older,or can he start traing with weights.

does no one out there have any ideas or opinions on this subject?

I personally don’t see the point in a 13 year old boy working on strength.
Some might think other wise.
I would focus more on his cardio and just have him perfect his technique. I don’t think at his age/level, that weight training is necessary.

edit: I would say he can if he wants to, but again…i wouldnt encourage it.

Heh… so, first off, weightlifting is as safe for teenagers as it is for adults.


Evidence suggests muscle growth and strength will develop and that if the youth wants to, there’s no reason why he (or she) can’t weight train.

That said, what got thrown around in this other thread…
… was that the youth should be able to handle bodyweight exercises first, and weights should be used as a progression after that.

So yeah, get him stronger.