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Training for Hiking as Fat Truck Driver

Hey all,
I’m planning on doing some long distance hiking next year. I am very fat,(realistically in the mid 40% fat level) and also an otr trucker. I’m out for weeks or months at a time.
I wont start hiking until april.
I’m doing this training log for some motivation or accountability, or some such notion, and also because maybe I could be doing something really wrong, and then maybe someone could make helpful suggestions.

I’ve already been training for about 6 weeks. I started with 2 exercises. Bed sits, and bed squats. A bed sit is where I sit down on my bed, then stand up. The bed in my truck, btw. A bed squat is where I squat down until I can feel my bed, then push back up, just using the bed as a height indicator.
When I sit on my bed, my knee angle is almost to be considered a parallel squat, but not quite.
In the beginning, I would do 1 set of bed sits, then 1 set of bed squats. After a month, though, I could do over 100 bedsits in my set, and 40 bed squats. So I ditched the easier bed sits, and now just do the bed squats.
Right now, my 1 set record is 60 for bed squats, and the record for most reps in workout is 200, which was 5 x 40 for bed squats, which I did 2 days ago.
My goal, usually, is to improve either 1 set max or workout reps max. Sometimes,though, I’ll back off some, and just workout to keep myself moving forward eventually. Like I might have a day where I do 1 set of 30 for bed squats, and call it a day.

I usually work out eod, with one day off, or sometimes with 2 days off. I have to err on the side of caution fatigue wise, given my job, and my diet, honestly.

I think the smart way to move forward is to either try to beat my 1 set max, then do a back off set just to keep volume up somewhat, or to do a bunch of non-max sets, and go for a volume record.

Next, I’m going to add in calf raises, and some planks.

Eventually, I think a weight vest.

And I also need to work on squatting down unassisted, and holding for longer times. Not to be gross, but I need that bottom of squat endurance for using the restroom in the woods.lol. I guess the first step to that goal is stretching.

So, if you read this far, you might be wondering a few things:

  1. He hasn’t mentioned diet yet, and…
  2. Why doesn’t he just walk for training?
  3. Why isn’t he doing full range BW squats?

I didnt cover diet because I dont want input on that. Of course I eat a bad diet. And I also understand what a good diet is. Over time, my diet will have to adapt to my training somewhat, and beyond that, I dont desire your input. Eventually I’ll probably get a work out drink to help with recovery, because eventually my workouts will be 500 reps, or something. I already know that meat, veggies, water, fish oil, and steroids should be the basis of my diet. Kidding about the steroids.lol.

I don’t walk for my training, because I won’t do it consistently. I spend every night at a truckstop, and winter is coming. I think the use of a weight vest would be useful for shorter distances, when I can walk, maybe 2-3 times a week. I also plan to try to ramp up my walking the last few weeks at work, and if that doesn’t quite work out, which seems the case, I’ll take the first 2-3 weeks off work ramping up to say 7 miles a day, or some such distance.

I dont do full range squats yet, mostly from a fear of messing up my ankles. I’ve had ankle issues in the past. Eventually I’ll start bw full squats, but easing into it.

And I’m thinking of hiking the appalachian trail.

I guess that’s it.

Next work out is tomorrow.


  1. Explore bands (with grips or without) Don’t leave out your upper body

  2. Consider something under your feet to expand your range of motion in relation to your bed.

  3. Weight vest could be a good investment, or a foot smasher. If you’re gonna lug it along, use the hell out of it.

  4. Don’t. Stop. Moving. And don’t underestimate your ability to do more.

I appreciate the suggestions. The next part is my thoughts:

  1. Yeh, I’ve bought bands before. Never used them. I’ll start getting an upper body workout when I add some planks in. I also did one workout using the ladder on the side of my tanker trailer. I’ve seen people in prison do it. I put my feet below the ladder, grab a ring of the ladder, then lean back and then pull myself forward. I had some elbow issues, but I think I just did too much.

  2. The added rom by adding something under my feet is a really good idea. This thread already paying dividends. Not sure what I could use, though.

  3. What’s a foot smasher?


Wander around your sleeper cab in the dark… hitting your foot on a 40# vest ranks up there with stepping on a lego.

Well, considering limited space… man, I got nothing. Maybe a 4 x 1 board, or even two banded together side by side, if you could find another use for it when not doing squats, like a storage aid of sorts.

Yeah, joint issues will rear their ugly heads now and then. Elbows for a driver (considering excessive use from your career) is probably a common problem point. There is an article on T-Nation by John Rusin covering pressure point techniques to relieve elbow pain that has served me well. This might even work for you at the end of the driving day regardless if you’re working out or not.

Just a few minutes commitment to these can be worth your while.

It’s an interesting situation that’s for sure. But it seems like you’re planning to make the best of it. Good luck! :slight_smile:

0k, short but sweet.
10/8/20. 1 set of bed squats to 100. I had to take some 1-3 second standing breaks to get there, but I made it. Legs and perseverance muscle worked.
1 30 second bed squat hold, at bottom position, touching but not sitting on bed.
1 10 rep set of calf raises.
And that’s it. Time to eat my brisket!

A pure endurance athlete. Interesting.

Weight vest sounds like a GREAT idea.

Your job must be tough.

I’m sticking around to see how you do!

Today’s workout was a slog!
Started creatine today.
3 sets of 40 on bed squats. Was going for 5-6 sets, but no oommff in my giddy up today.
1 set of 30 good mornings, no bar or anything, hands on waist. Worked my hips/glutes in a different way. Might be a keeper.
1 45 second iso hold at bottom of squat(just above bed) position.
1 set 20 calf raises.

And that’s all she wrote.