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Training for gaining

Has anyone given this routine a try? I am starting to get up in the years (33 this year), and I don’t recover like I used to. This routine is supposedly for older T-men, but on the face of it, it appears to be fairly high volume. I’ve always followed Ian King’s guideline of 12-15 total sets, and it has served me well. Some of the training sessions prescribed are well over 20 sets. There was one session that was 28 sets. Four sets of 21’s for bi’s? Then you throw in three sets of seated DB curl and three sets of cable curls? That seems like an insane amount of volume. Am I even reading the article correctly?

I had the same thoughts when scrolling through the article.

I always favored lower volume myself,. but have been doing more lately (oh, and I’ll be 30 in May, so not a youngster here), and it seems to be working,… of course it could just be because anytime you change something it’s a shock,… I’m certain the gain’s putter out eventually, and then I’ll switch back.