Training for football

Hey t-nation, long time reader, first time poster. I was just wondering y’alls opinion on the use of bands/chains/ and other accesory items and their carry over to sports (fball and basketball for myself.) My routine right now is quad/chest-back/hip and I think it is pretty solid, along with ME, I’m really getting the foundation laid. But I’m wondering if I should start to incorporate any of the above items to help with explosiveness. I’m already doing lots of olympic stuff, snatches, cleans, and push presses. I’m 6’1 185 ~13% bdyft right now if it helps.

they have great carryover to sports if you have a solid training base…they also have to be put into a athletes program perfectly…if you just throw them on with no reason your getting your self into major trouble…bm

I have had more success using bands and chains with athletes who are at a high level of training. For example, an incoming collegiate freshman may follow a basic periodization plan. By the time they are a senior, more Westside type methods are used.

The problem is that running can cause problems with intensities. Even if you do have it planned out well, if you (the strength coach) or the athletic coach get upset and run the athletes into the ground. How do you then modify your program?

On another note, I have found board presses and other speed movements to be great for those with bad shoulders.

It really depends on your training age, for example I would not recommend bands/chains to athletes who has less than 1 year training experience. Save the advance methods for when there really needed. If the advance methods are used now they will be less affective in the future. In the Science of Sports Training Tomas Kurz wrote about using advanced methods too early in the training career of an athlete, he writes that It can be detrimental to performance in that the advance methods will be less effective when the athlete advances to elite status ( when the athlete needs the methods the most). Forget speed training until you have a foundation of strength. Strength is also a more trainable motor quality then speed strength. Simmons, Christian Thibaudeau and both Charles Staley mirror what I said above in varies articles. Read Charles Staley excellent article Periodization That Works. Also read Christian Thibaudeau News letters for more info. Hope this helps, good luck.