Training for football...

I’m a 16 year old FS/WR, attempting to make the transition to RB for next year. I’m currently 6’2" 175-180, and I’m taking Myostat, ZMA, Ultra Peptide Protein, and Surge. I also take Power Drive before games. What other supplementation would you guys recommend?

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how much are you eating? How much do you train? What are your stats?

I’m probably taking in 3-4000 calories a day, but I can’t keep a steady diet due to football, it throws my training times off too much.

I work out 4 days a week, Monday-Wednesday, then Saturday.

I run a 4.50 40, bench 215, squat 375 parallel, power clean 225.

I’m gonna make a few observations here:

1. IF you don’t have a steady diet, you’re probably getting nowhere near 4000 calories.

2. Chances are, with a 225 clean, you don’t run a true 4.5 40. Hand timed, I’m guessing? Don’t feel I’m insulting you here, it’s just that 40 times are ridiculously ‘exaggerated’ these days. Now, if you happen to be a strong state competitor in the sprints, then I’ll eat crow.

Anyhow, along Machinae’s lines, I’d suggest supplementing with Deads, Squats, Militaries, dips and chins. Oh, and a steady diet too.

Those all look like good choices, actually (if you’ve got the money). Remember, the Myostat is only useful if you’re stressing the muscles (negatives or low-rep training). Actually, I’m not yet convinced that Myostat is useful at all (I’m not 100% on the science). But, the stack above looks like you’ve got all your bases covered. Remember, recovery is usually more important than how hard you work in the gym - so supplements for recovery (ZMA, Surge) should be your priority.

I would definitely say Renegade Training for Football by Coach Davies. Can’t afford his mass/BB program but love his stuff. That would have to help you. Also make sure your diet is perfect. Even if you are taking in 4,00 calories, if it is from burgers, fries, and sodas, it ain’t gonna help shit. You have to eat that many calories clean. Go to and check it out for yourself.

Oh yeah … you’re a teenager.

I would also recommend getting a good multivitamin and taking 1/2 doses twice a day. Remember to eat more vegetables too. I’m not kidding. Buy some frozen peas (petite, 'cause they taste better) and have half a pound every night before you go to sleep. Eat a green pepper while walking to the bus. Whatever. Good nutrition is really, REALLY important.

Alex, you are still young with great size by the sound of your stats. I would say let nature run its course and you will sprout like a weed. John Davies is the way to go as far as improving your performance. The think that you dont even need to resort to supplements just yet. Besides, your probably testosterone factory right now with your age and size stats. Your football ability and success is not dependant on your genetics at this point. You have that no question. Work the fundamentals (speed, agility, flexibility), and you will own the record books.