Training for Football ATTN Coach Davies

Sorry Coach but I kept losing our posts. Maybe it’s just my computer, or my operating of my computer but the board is acting a bit strange. I checked your website and didn’t see a listing for football programs. Will I be able to add mass during Renegade Training? I am eager to get into some athletic training. Currently, I trasferred schools and wanted to train hard over the winter before attempting to walk on for football. I need and want to be quicker, stronger, faster, and more explosive. I also need to gain around 20 lbs so I can lay a pop on an unsuspecting linebacker. I am very interested and respectful of your ideas and knowledge. Thanks for your time.

While I have already responded to your email, I wanted to respond on the forum incase others wanted to discuss. In review of your situation, as a Wide Receiver your overall purpose of your training is to enhance your playing ability by working on agility, speed & naturally positional skills. Many of the strength related exercises that you use to accomplish this goal will also assist in mass development. As far as weight gain, remember to take a gradual course of action and I would be pleased to discuss nutrition/diet if you wish. I look forward to the opportunity to assist. In faith, Coach Davies

Good to hear from you again Coach. One problem…I hurried home from school today, anxious to check my mail to see if I had received anything from you. I saw on the forum where you had said you emailed me, I CAN’T FIND IT. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused and sincerely apologize for my computer illiteracy. I look forward to further discussing my training, diet, and football with you.