Training for Fat Loss

Hey all,

Looking to get rid some Fat, my diet is good and tight, just looking for some ideas for a program to compliment it, was thinking of starting Waterbury 10x3 for Fat loss, anyone tried it?

My main goal here is to lose Fat, but maintain my muscle… bet ya never heard that before… Im willing to take a wee hit in the muscle dept. if i had to, to get rid of fat. But I know it doesn’t have to be.

I have started doing cardio days per week also. 45-60 min sessions in the PM. I do Cardio Intervals for 10 min, on the days I train, which right now happens to be a 4 day split with 4 sets of 10, 30-45 sec. Rest, 75% of 1RM. Consists of 2 compound movements, 2 isolation, and 2 single joint (ie trieps on chest day, and biceps on back day)

My split is�?�.
Mon- chest/tris AM, cardio PM.
Tue- Back/bis AM, cardio PM.
Wednesday �?? Cardio AM
Thursday- Legs AM, cardio PM
Friday �?? shoulders AM, cardio PM
Saturday �?? Cardio AM
Sunday- rest

Just need some input on what I may be doing right, and wrong, considering that I wish to lose some body fat. Currently I sit at 21% BF, down from 36% in November of 2006. I have come a long way. I have lost over 90lbs. And may have become a bit obsessive in the process, which can be a good or a bad thing at times.

I have fat around my waistline, that I have had all of my life, now that I have proven to myself that, anything is indeed possible, it is time to eliminate that last bit of flab. Any thoughts or help, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all