Training for fat loss

Quick Poll here. For fat loss what kind if any cardio and weight traing are you doing? (i.e. is it high intensity for short amount of time or vice versa?) How many days a week of weights and how many cardio sessions if any.

Trying to loose some holiday blubber, I Like that word makes it sound more disgusting therefore more motivation to get rid of it.


I just focus on my diet and train as I normally would. Maybe doing one day of cardio a week.

I am doing fat fast right now, and my training schedual is working quite well while on it. I do weight training 4 days a week (high intensity short amount of time) and then I also do cardio for 30-45 min at a moderate level three times a week. It seems to be doing the trick.

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I’m having better results without the cardio. Last diet I did included 3-4 days of biking every week and the normal weight routine. I lost a lot of fat, dropping about 4-5 inches off my waist in 2+ months.

I'm dieting now T-Dawg style and just controlling the calories slightly more than if I was including cardio. I'm not losing muscle which I did in the past. I'm not hungry (although I sometimes crave crap the day after the carb-up).I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn, and I feel better mentally as well. I never thought it could be so easy. This time, I've knocked off 2 1/2 inches from my waist in 5 weeks so far. Gonna go at it until the summer, while following a more liberal T-Dawg diet every week. I figure 100-150 carbs per day will still work for me once I get in a groove. A BIG THANKS TO CHRIS SHUGART AND T_MAG.

I used to do cardio for fat loss, but since I’ve been introduced to the German Body Comp, I’ve cut it out completely. I’ve been doing the 3x/week GBC and it works great combined w. a cyclic ketogenic diet. I’ve heard that 4x/week is critical for best results but it wasn’t for me.

I’m about to complete my second week of Poliquin’s “Manly Weight Loss” workouts. I hit the weights Mon, Wed and Fri. And I also in-line skate once or twice a week and go mountain biking one day on the weekend. I haven’t cut my calories much. But I have added a little more protein and decreased my carb intake.

So far, my body weight has fluctuated about five pounds, but I can see that I’m getting leaner around the midsection (which is my goal).

I’ll do this for two more weeks, and then I’ll switch to a normal muscle-building routine. I’m waiting to hit the Biotest Seminar in Orlando to learn some new techniques to stay lean and gain some size.

OK, OK, I admit it–I actually took a page from BFL as my cardio guide. I do 20 minutes of alternating intensity cardio on an elliptical machine, OR 20 minutes of lap-running at my gym, followed by 5-6 minutes oif walking cooldown, tons of water, and glutamine. Then I refrain from eating for an hour. Frankly, I’m just as eager for comments from others, too, since I want input about the reasonableness of this plan. Does the balance of shorter-duration cardio and longer-duration fasting recovery minimize catabolism while maximizing adipose caloric metabolism afterwards? Or is it just BP’s stupidest way to burn up muscle with minimal rewards?

I just started the “Manly Weight Loss” program full-force this week also. I’m planning on trying it for 6 weeks to see what kinds of results I can get. I eat most of my carbs post-workout during the day, then try to limit them the rest of the time.

I’m doing the 4 days/week routine and, so far, I feel leaner already (of course, some of that could be the water weight from less carbs!). These workouts are a killer!!

I’ll keep you posted after the 6 weeks are up.

Well I’ve certainly heard worse advice than this Akicita. A well known doctor/bodybuilder recommended in a magazine about four yrs. ago that for maximal fat loss one should fast for at least three hrs. after morning cardio, followed by protein feedings every 2 hrs. What’s even sadder is that I was stupid enough to try it back then. I’d sure love to name this person, but most of you probably know who he is. He also said in an article that when he was in training for MuscleMania, he never let his bodyfat go over 8%. I trained at the same gym as him, and I don’t know what method he used to measure his bodyfat, but before he started his precontest diet, believe me it was closer to 18%. He also said that he took 16 weeks to diet from "8% down to just under 5 % Only a 3% drop in 16 WEEKS??? There sure seems to be a division between those who believe in morning cardio and those who don’t. All I can say is try it and see how you do. Here’s a thought: on glutamine, what if you were to take it before your morning cardio instead of after, maybe in a 2-5 g. dose? Maybe even add 500 mg. of Vit. C to keep inflammation down.

As a FORMER cardio ADDICT, I’ve found that I lose fat just as easily, maintain MUCH more muscle, and never get that crappy overtrained feeling if I just watch my diet, cut out the carbs, and decrease the rest between sets, as per body comp training. I can honestly say I’ll never do ‘cardio’ again, other than my 10 minute pre-workout warmup. I’ve had no problem maintaining sub-10% bodyfat levels without the mindless cardio.

I do take glutamine before my morning cardio. I think a three-hour post-cardio fast would be excessive, but I’ll stick with the one-hour fast and see how it works out. I had also wondered before whether flax oil would protect muscle from the catabolic effects of cardio, but since it’s carb-free if it would still permit the fat-metabolizing effects of cardio as your body recovers afterward. So maybe instead of an hour of fasting, taking flax oil afterward (an then waiting 1-2 hours for other foods) would be helpful? Anyone have thoughts on this theory–if it’s reasonable or dumb?

I hate cardio. I find the best way is to super set opposing bodyparts, and increase total sets and reps. 10 sets for each bodypart. Example chestack resting 1 min between each using around 4 different exercises. I find with this method I’m able to put on muscle. I hate the German Body Comp I found myself overtrained superseting squats and rows etc!

I know this goes against the grain here but I’ve always looked and felt better when I did short duration cardio sessions 4x week. I like to run 2 miles on the track as fast as I can or skip rope for 20 minutes trying to rest as little as possible. I find that once I’m at my desired body fat level I can maintain it through diet but to quickly get to that level requires me to do cardio. I think you guys are right about the catabolic effects of 45 min stairmaster sessions and the like but try just 20 minutes of ground based running (vs treadmill) 3 or 4x a week and no more than that. It really works well for me.

Best sport in the world-tremendous leg workout majorly anaerobic and orgasmically fun-ULTIMATE FRISBEE! There’s probably a league in your town. There’s info on it all over the web.