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Training for Fat Loss


When the goal is to lose fat as fast as possible what type of training split/frequency shuold be used? I have lost a bit a fat in that past but, did not do anything special since I was taking my time. I kept training as I did but reduced calories a bit and added cardio when fatloss stalled.

However, due to a school play I have to lose 10-15 LBS (currently 180 lbs), since my goal is to do it fast I figure I cannot keep my current split since calories will be cut to a much higher extent.


you're asking how to drop weight for a school play? Whats the play? What part are you going to play?

There are TONS of fat loss articles all over this site man. Do a little search and you'll come up with tons of stuff.

Diet is going to be your biggest thing. Dial in your diet and you'll drop BF even if you dont change up your lifting schedule.






I looked up those articles in 3 minutes.






Blanche Dubois?

Hester Pryne?

Are we close?


He said he had to lose 15 pounds not 60