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Training for fat burning

I’m planning on losing some weight. Gonna eat about 2000kcal/24h, use T-2, MD-6, the new Methoxy. My question is, what type of weight training program would be most appropriate for someone trying to lose weight (fat weight)?

In my opinion in the 4-6 rep range is best. I have seen people train with jackets and high reps when cutting up. Stupid huh. Lift as heavy as you can with the 4-6 reps and you cant go wrong.

I agree with Slaine, and also run a search for the article “How to Deep-Six Holiday Fat.” It covers German Body Comp training, which is also useful. Good luck. - PJ

Try super setting in your workouts, like biceps and ticeps, the reduced rest periods will give an areobic quality to your training as well as fullfill your muscle building/mantainance qouta.

Renegade Training will help you get lean, and you won’t have to do much dieting to do it!

if I wanted to get in the best shape I could in a short period of time I would try the 3x3 work out. if you do not know what it is I can explain. peace