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Training for Easy Hard Gainers

Hi Thib,

15 years ago, you wrote a set of articles which was a complete game changer for me: Training for easy hard gainers.


Around that time, I was about to stop weight training, thinking all the work I perform in the gym was in no relation to the benefit. Thanks to these articles, I found out that I am an easy hard gainer with a fast twitch dominant musculature. It made me realize that I actually have very good genetics – I just needed to train differently.

Now, 15 years later, I would like to ask if you have an update to this article or if you have developed any further tips for fast-twitched individuals.

Thanks a lot!

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He has said in the past to use his layer system with loaded carries or with barbell complexes and to not major in the minor.

He mentioned Best Damm Workout working well for easy-hardgainers, over on the Thibarmy forums.

I think that those articles describe me quite well and I remember reading them and benefiting from some of it but far from everything. I feel like the nutrition part is good - more protein all day. In my case I like the advice of starting with Poliquin’s meat and nuts breakfast except that I like eggs and lentils/beans over meat it’s more breakfasty imho.

You should look at his Neurotype works. What’s described above is quite close to 1B type of training. I know I do much better training every day on a PPL*2 split doing one muscle group at a time. Can’t stand upper days with back and chest and arms and shoulders (what the f.? How do people do that and don’t lose focus)

My 1A bias tho. But seriously, his Neurotyping system is awesome