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Training For Early Teens

To anyone who was input(including you T-Mag contributors):

What type of workout programs would you recommend for pre-teens and early teen children?

I am looking for ways to increase conditioning, work capacity, and general athleticism in under-conditioned children. I think Chad’s most recent article is great and I have even made my own son drag the sled, so I definitely think GPP is the way to go.

I guess I am looking for more variety. I need ways to make working out more “fun” for the kids. I don’t want to see them get bored or tired of doing the same routines.

I am also looking for ideas in turning children into better athletes. I’m not working towards a specific sport, just general athleticism. I need ideas to improve coordination, movement skills, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Just to put my two cents in, I agree with you that GPP is the way to go for these kids. Sorry I do not have any ideas on variety, but I do have a few ideas thant may help. First is to keep the kids interested, intoduce them to different sports one a month (or whatever time frame you come up with).Some sports to consider Basketball,soccer,wrestling,team handball, tennis, the list goes on.

The other suggestions I have should help coordination. First, is simply jumping rope. Second is what I called the dot drill. four dots forming a square approximatly 2ft apart and a dot in the center. Have the kids start with each foot on a dot, then jump one footed to the center dot(whichever foot),then jump both feet onto the last two dots, at that time they would jump one footed backwards to the center dot. last the would jump backwards to the two starting dots, then repeat.You can varry the jumps by adding a halve turn, doing a one/two legged z pattern, jumping jack style.
hope that helps

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Kickball. Dodgeball. Tag. 50 yard dash. Waterballoon toss.

They’re kids. Let them have fun.


I’ve been training my two teenage boys for several years now. Besides weight training we do GPP work as well.
My boys well do Farmers Walks with different variations, Tractor tire flips, Sledge hammer swings, wheel barrel walks, Sled work, and Jumping
rope. We all enjoy it, and the boys never get tired because we mix up the
routine. Hope this helps, Bigguy