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Training for Cyclists?

Hi coach, just wanted to pick your brains on training for cylists. I have a client who is preparing for an endurance race in about 4mths. The course is generally flat, but with some long hills towards the end. She has been doing 2x gym sessions per week, basic strength work(full body/core) and riding 2 x per week 60-80km each. She has improved a lot by adding basic strength work, but struggles with the hill climbs. Have you any tips/methods that would help?

Thanks in advance

Heavy prowler pushing both for load (so more of a push) or speed (more of a sprint). For distances ranging from 12 seconds to 45 seconds of effort

thanks coach

Many years ago I did some triathlons and endurance rides and learned a few things about riding. CT’s advice to use the prowler is, of course, excellent. Another thing for her to do is one the bike strength training. Have her climb hills using a bigger gear. Also, if she has clipless pedals, make sure she has good technique. Clipless pedals allow cyclists to use both legs - the “top” leg can push down on the pedal, as always, but the “bottom” or recovery leg can be used to pull back on the pedal with the hamstrings. A good drill for this is to have her go on a flat surface with no traffic and pedal with only one leg clipped in.

thanks mike, any other tips n tricks?

masfonos, sorry, that is the extent of my cycling knowledge.