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Training For Crucifix Help

Right now I have a meet on December 13th and I’m training my crucifix event on my offday. When I hold the position I feel it hurt in my biceps right where it meets the elbow. Does this mean my biceps are too tight or too weak. Any training tips from any of the vets here? I am only asking because I wanted to know if I should stretch my biceps more, or just substitution for more volume for them. Thank you for your time.

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thats where the bicep tendon connects so it would be reasonable for it to hurt when under stress, or overtrained or just to weak to hold the weight without straining to the degree of pain, i dont do strongman but i hope that helps

Honestly I dont have that problem with this patricular event but I would have to say its just that your biceps are tight. If you can stone load decently heavy then your biceps have to be strong enough to take the strain a crucifix event would place.