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Training for Crew

Im a junior in highschool and im completly dedicated now to the 400m dash in track and to Crew. My questions come from the wide array of intensitys and times that im supposed to perform at.

What kind of things can I train for the 400m (goal is to run a 50 by the end of the year) and train for the 6K (im right at 23minutes)? Its like training for a marathon and sprinting at the same time… But I love both so if anyone has any ideas how to train both at the same time or either individualy…Just looking for feedback on training…

With weight training, stick to heavy squats. Also, I would throw in some plyometrics (i.e. jump squats) to aid in strengthening your legs. On top of that, to get better at sprinting and endurance running, just do those. It’s like riding a bike-to get better, you have to simply spend your time riding the bike.

Ya thats exactly what im doing right now…I just feel like im training towards two diffrent extremes.

What do you think about deadlifts? Its my favorite lift infront of the squat but I dont know how much it would help.

Rowing (2 km) and the 400m are not that different. The 6 km is a different story but still possible if at different times of the year. It would be hard to train for both at the same time. Can you say “overtraining”??

In the off-season, I have the university rowers on a program that they do 2-3 times/week and changes every 3 weeks. Every block includes:

  1. an olympic lift or variation
  2. a squat variation
  3. a deadlift variation
  4. upper body pull
  5. upper body push
  6. uni-lateral leg exercise
  7. Anything after the above is just for “pretty” and not that important.

After about 3 months, the “money exercises” are for low reps.

I use the weights to develope the muscles that are needed to maintain good posture/body position/mechanics during the rowing stroke.

Squats are done ATG to work flexibility for the catch position and to develope power from that position.
Perfect lifting technique is emphasized, because the mechanics of lifting and rowing are very similar.
Speed of the bar is also stressed. Power output is more important than Max strength.
Near the end of the off-season I introduce some bands and chains. If it works, use it. Hope this helps.