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Training for boxing?


I am about to take up boxing full time.What kind of training should i be doing apart from the normal boxing routines?Has Coach Davies any input as well?


What are your stats,height,weight,skill level(are you a puncher, or a boxer), what kind of training have you been doing? Without mor information, the only thing that I can suggest is bag work, focus pad work and sparring.


Please fill me in what your work has been to date. I look forward to being of service. In faith, Coach Davies


I am not the original poster..but I have the same question. I have returned to boxing last month after a 2 year layoff. I had previously boxed amateur throughout high school and college. During the 2 years off I took weightligting seriously and went from my original fighting weight of 165 to around 200 (not all muscle for sure). Now I am 5'9 180 pounds. The training is intense and I feel like I'm losing alot of the muscle I earned. Any way I could add some kind of weight routine in to help me maintain muscle mass or possibly even add? I have been doing heavy weights low sets after I get home from the gym, but am losing strength. Boxer or puncher...I would say puncher. Thanks for any help.


My first inclination would be for you to incorporate "explosive" lifts into your weight training. However, do check out Coach Davies' site: renegadetraining.com - the workout you're looking for would be there.


It sounds like your body want to go bacvk to your natural fighting weight of 165. With all the training, you are going to need to keep your calories up, especially the protein. With that much of a change in weight, you really need to concentrate on boxing training to get used to carrying that extra weight. As far as weight training, stick to compound lifts (squat,deads,bench,cleans), and go for explosiveness. I would also weight train as far from your boxing training as possible, preferably off days, (if you have any). For example, if you train boxing in the morning, then weight train at night.I would not train with weights more than 2 days a week.


Thankyou for replying.My stats are as follows:
6ft 2inches
230 pounds
12% bodyfat
30 years of age
As you can see i am from England,and here our professional heavyweight boxing scene is not as strong as in the states.And as i like to challenge myself from time to time i am preparing to enter the pro ranks in 10 months time.I work full time but i am taking one year out to give this a go,i think i'm crazy but i am focused!My boxing skills are ok,but i would like to rely more on being the most powerfull and speedy boxer i can be.And what better place to learn new and cutting edge sport training than on this board!


Does anyone else on this board box and lift weights?


I used to kickbox. I made some reccomendations in a previous post, they would apply to you also. Coach Davies can give you some great ideas in the gym. I would however, make sure that you are hiting a good heavybag, and I mean HEAVY (you should also have someone hold it). This is the best way to develop punching power. Lifting weights will give you strength, but good solid technique gives you power. You said that your boxing skills are O.K., but to be speedy, and powerful, they need to be right on. I would concentrate on you skills more so, than lifting weights. Good luck.


Check out Davies' material for sure, you will never be disappointed if you follow his program to the letter. In fact, his boxing program (available through his site)is not only superb and will whip you into the "machine like athlete" with total sports specific conditioning, but I know it's one of his favorite programs as well.


I also went from weight lifting to boxing and droped weight very quickly with all the running, bag work and sparing. I also noticed that my strength made all my sparring partners keep there distance. I had to quit again because my family and job required to much attention. I've turned my attention back to weight lifting and gained 30lbs. My strength has returned.