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Training for bench only?

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I wouldn’t tell somebody that they weren’t a powerlifter because they only bench pressed, or they only bench pressed and deadlifted, but, what the hell is wrong with squatting? What are you, afraid? I thought powerlifters were supposed to be big, tough guys. Strap your cock on, leave your pussy at home, put a bar on your back and bend your knees! -Kirk Karwoski


Yes, " leave your pussy at home" because there is so much wrong with being a woman, right? Powerlifting rules, but the community is way too full of quotes like this that normalize misogyny.

Oh give it a rest Captain Equality. No one is trying to disparage women. Do you think Kirk Karwoski is a misogynist? Seriously? You’d be an idiot. You are so hyper sensitive to political correctness that you let it get in the way of common sense.[/quote]


I have the Ryan Kennely - Road to the Arnold video, and its quite interesting to see how he trains. It seems like it was like someone above mentioned - 3 days a week, one speed, one reps and the other heavy,