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Training for Athletics, Input Appreciated


I'll try and make this fairly brief. I'm a collegiate track and cross country athlete who has moved down in distance. I was a 1500m specialist but now I�??�?�¢??m focused on the 400/800 as I'm preparing for the military and attempting to put on more muscle mass. My goal is to increase relative strength and subsequently athletic performance. All gains are lean gains as my coach would shoot me and I don't want to be an embarrassment on the track.

Last season I raced at 156-158, right now I weigh and am racing at 166-168. I'm 6' and obviously relatively lean somewhere between 8 and 12 percent.

Current lifts
Dead -- 310 lbs (5 reps)
Squats -- 185 ATG (5 reps)
Bench -- 175 (5 reps)
Can provide other lifts if needed.

I've been lifting for 2.5 months and prior to that I have been running an average of 75 miles/week for the past 3 years. My splits are Mon/Thurs upper and Tues/Sat lower this cannot be changed as my track workouts occur Tues/Thurs/Sat.

Squats, deads, leg press, calf raises, leg extensions, and leg curls
Bench, pull ups, dips, tri-extension, curls, shrugs, farmers carries, and rows.
I don't currently have a set number of reps or sets I perform, I just kind of do them and as explosively as I can.

Basically, what other lifts should I be focusing on? I want maximal relative strength gains. I have noticed a pretty significant improvement in my strength and running simply from the past few months of lifting. I have an obsession with grip strength and have been doing modified versions of these with fat gripz and towels to make them more difficult.

I'm not looking for anything radically different as what I've been doing is working but I definitely would appreciate some input or suggestions. If something radical is needed (I'm training like an idiot? Then I'll do a radical change)

Any input is greatly appreciated!


WS4SB is good.

So is 5/3/1 with emphasis on conditioning is also good.

Training athletes is all about knowing where they are in the season (pre, post, during, off) and where they stand.

But the most important thing for you is to understand the philosophy of the program you will choose. For example, the first 4 or 5 pages of WS4SB v3, he explains the theory behind his system. Understanding that will help you make a program tailored to your needs.

Good luck


Appreciate the input, I'm looking into WS4SBv3 right now.



I know I liked it, way back when.

Also, don't kust look at it, do it. Today.


x2 its an excellent program


Been using it for almost a week now, thanks for the advice. This is exactly the sort of plan I needed!