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Training for athletes

OK if your an athlete you need maximal strength, maximal power or speed-strength, and you would need strength and power endurance. I’ve thought about some ways to add all these together from the last few articles to make for great training for athletes.
One day the athlete would use a maximal strength method like westside then after that they could use SuperMan sets from christians last article to emphasize power endurance. Then on the second day of the week the athlete could emphasize maximal power by using something like the westside method, then after that utilize low reps and lots of sets like the article Staying Power. This protocol seems like it would and maximal strength and power, strength and power endurance, and also help the athlete add muscle mass. And just so everybody knows i dont change routines every 2 days just because i post something all the time, i just like to think of new routines and just curious what everybody thinks about it. I got flamed for posting stuff like this a lil bit ago so if its really bothering anybody that much just let me know. So anyway the routine might look like this
incline bench- find 1 RM
pullup- find 1 RM
flat bench- 3xAMARAP, 40 sec at 30%1RM
seated row- same as flat bench

push jerk- 6x3
speed chins- 9x2
dips- 12x2, 60 sec rest, reduce by 10sec/week
barbell row- same as dips