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Training For Arm Wrestling

Best way to train for arm wrestling? Thanks.

yeah, i asked this months ago and got no response…let’s see how it goes now.

Since arm wrestling someone is an internal rotation movement, I would think that internal rotations with cables would be quite useful, with a cable you could even simulate arm wrestling.

What very few people know is that arm wrestling is 60% technique, 20% strength, and 20% strategy. I suggest you consult one of the many books on arm wrestling technique to improve your odds.

Breaking the opponent’s wrist hold at the beginning of the movement is the secret to arm wrestling performance. That is a function of timing and the strength of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle, which can be trained by using ulnar deviation exercises.

Of course, supplemental specific strength work may help you improve your performance. The muscles that will most increase your chances of winning are the forearm flexors, brachioradialis, brachialis, pectoralis major, lats and teres major, and subscapularis.