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Training for a Year


hi folks i have posted before too but now i am tryin to morph my body to a good extent , but due to a lot of travelling now a days i ain't getting enough of time for the gym but still trying to keep up please suggest for a better upper and lower exercises too i am in trouble for my lower body exercise .

i currently am following a plan , but wud like to change it
and so i am requesting u folks out there who r pros to help me out...

i need to know a proper routine which i cud follow..

i get 2 hours free daily in the evening

and my diet routine is as follows

morning = egg x 2 boiled
milk 500ml with flakes and fruit toppings

at 10 am = orange juice + fruits.

12 pm = rice or wheat items with chicken roast or meat roast

6:30 pm = protien bar + milk or juice

9:30 pm = milk + banana or apple+ cornflakes

i take one mutivita + one vitamin E Acetate and 500 gms Calcium in the morning with breakfast


well every one was just boning abt the first pic i posted .. well i don't care abt it i just care is about my body and how to develop it and i don't want any suggestions abt the boning thing all i want is suggestions to improve my exercise and my diet thats all

and guys & gals who gave me a bit of info (help) i am very much thankful to them


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HolyMacaroni that was funny. To the op squat lower and pull ups for upper is a good start


for starters your diet is garbage. look around for nutrition forums there are tons of these in there


Your diet looks like my cutting diet...


well i was short of ghee and all the oils in the world but will have one pose in a oil bathed body as soon as i am finished with my work schedule ....


what can i do if my bone is bigger... well thats a good point right , and i hope some one should provide me with a gud dose of exercise and diet that i can follow ...

so that i can cut more fat in my body


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