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Training for a slaughter

Ok so I am three months from the beginning of the NY state golden gloves. I have taken an active rest from training for the past 2 weeks to give my joints some time to recoup. Next week I intend to get back on the ass kicking pedal and get started with my training. My plan (outside of pad work and sparring) is to use three week cycles of meltdown training (but using some of matt wiggins “staying power principles” - heavy weights - short rests) combined with a heavy emphasis on core and neck training. Does anyone have any suggestions for which neck and core training programs that will be most beneficial to a boxer? Also does anyone know if MAG10 will cause roid tests to come out positive? I tried looking it up on here but I guess I am not using the correct keywords.

I would like to lean out a bit and I know doing this much work and cutting carbs will play havoc with my energy levels. I thought maybe if I used two 3 week MAG 10 cycles coinciding with the meltdown cycles,this may help keep my endurance levels up and let me lean out a bit more without having to cut my carbs. Also I was never really big on creatine, but I know it makes the body hold water in its muscles - so do you think it might be a good idea if I try it out? Yes, I know it won’t be helpful to me leaning out. I am trying to find a comfortable balance between keeping my recovery time minimal, my gains permanent and my endurance top notch. OH and also I want a hot wife with big tits, a ton of cash and my own private Idaho… Thanks alot.