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Training for a Push-Pull

So I’m thinking about doing this (Training for a Push-Pull).

No squatting for me. Just front squats. So it’s a push/pull for me then…

I was thinking about setting up a workout plan that was like this and I’d like to hear what some of the more experienced PL members here have to say.

4 days a week

Day 1) Bench Day, Speed work
Day 2) Deadlift Day, Heavy Work
Day 3&4) Off
Day 5) Bench day, Heavy Work
Day 6) Deadlift Day, Speed Work

For my Speed work on Bench I’d use bands & chains as well as for my deadlift.

There would obviously be other stuff worked in here, I’d take a page out of the WS book for my other lifts to do after that.

This is just some initial thinking; I don’t plan on changing my current setup for about 2months. or more…

But I’d like to possibly compete in the early summer months.

Do some RE work for both once in a while.

RE work, yes.

I’ve done some more t hinking/talking with PL friends and I have a good plan being formulated as we speak.

I’ll post it up here in a week or so when it’s done.

should be sooner, but the T-day is coming…gotta feast!!