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training for a newbie

Hello. I have been training for almost yrs consistently. Stumble into this AWESOME site mid last yr and I have been hooked esp with the various new exercises. Ok, recently a lady friend of mine asked me to train her. Well, I was thinking, hell, why not? I’ll get paid anyway. Due to her busy working schedule and the fact she is new to the work of resistance training, I have written a 2days/wk programs.
Day 1) Inclined Press/Lunges/Lat Pulldown/Tricep Press Down/Abs.
Day 2) Rows/Leg Extension/Shoulder Press/Leg Curls/Biceps Curls/Abs.
She bout 5ft5" less than 100lbs (typical Asian size) Oh btw, we’re from Singapore.
So how u guys think bout the program? I’m thinking of follow the prog for 6 weeks, break a week, then start a new program.
Any sugguest what exercise to be included for the new program? Thks.

I’m not seeing some basic lifts on the agenda: Squats, bench press. Why is that? Have you read Dawg School: Beginners Blast Off Program? If not, I highly recommend you do.

Another suggestion: break up the volume of work into three days. I don't like to overwhelm newbies with SO much information crammed into a short time period. They have to learn form/technique, etc. - things that most of us take for granted now. You did mention she has a busy working schedule - so is that the reason for the 2-day a week routine? If time is of the essence, definitely consider more compound movements to eliminate the smaller isolation exercises.

thks for d respond pat. d reason i excluded squats & deadlift is she is new to weights. I dont wanna scare her wif all these advance exercise. i do include bench, believe incline press is ok for her to work both ber pec and delt.
believe in issue 199, sandy bohlken wrote, try to get easy first if u training a female newbie. call me a puss if u want, but all i wanna do now is get her feel comfy wif weight and let her know its fun to train wif weights but not torture b4 i move on to more advance exercise.
wish me luck. give me time and i’ll show ya d t-vixen i’ve trained. =)