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Training for a Ballet Dancer


I started training more seriously a year ago while recovering from an injury, and it has done awesome things for my dancing. That said, I'm having issues incorporating all the exercises when dancing daily.

squat stalling out - since I figured out via trial and error that lifting before dancing doesn't work, it also seems that the reverse hasn't been working for me either. Other lifts haven't been stalling out, but the squats have been. I'm pretty tall so I might not be built quite right for it (long legs at 6'2") and my deadlift has been going up pretty decently.

increasing vert - I'm wondering if this should be my main focus and use one of the vert programs. Fat loss will help, 10% would be a decent place to be, getting me down to about 185 at 6'2".

current routine - squat 5x5
single leg hypers 3x8
deadlift working to 1x5, 1x3
Bulgarian SS 2x8
weighted chins 3x8
weighted calf raises on smith 4x12
farmers walks sometimes

I was thinking of this routine 2x a week, plus one day of sprint training + plyos at the end. I do fasted cardio too, but I don't really count that as training. Oh, and Muay Thai 1-2 times a week. I just need something that I can handle after dance (monday - friday, some saturdays) but still make some decent gains.

I'd just like some advice on what direction to go, jumping and foot/leg speed is obviously what I'm training for but there isn't a "cross training for male ballet dancers" handbook. I need to keep the upper body fairly lean, mine's already "too big" for dancing, but I get by allright.