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Training for a 10k but Love to Lift

My girlfriend and I recently signed up for a 10km run happening in mid- June; I haven’t run 10km in over a year and don’t want to embarrass myself. As such, I knew I had to put together some sort of structure in order to prepare for the run, but the catch is that I don’t want to change how I’m lifting. I am currently using a Conjugate- style program with a Max Effort Day and a Dynamic Effort Day for both lower and upper body. My Max Effort work is following 5/3/1 structure because I am a collegiate strength coach and I am making my kids do AMRAP sets, and one of my core values is to go through what my athletes go through from a training standpoint. Every other week I rotate my Max Effort work with some sort of Hanging Band Training movement. To summarize one training block, it looks like:

Week 1: 1x5 @ 65%, 1x5@ 75%, 1xAMRAP @85%
Week 2: 3, 2, or 1 rep max with a Hanging Band Training Movement (for more info, see https://www.t-nation.com/training/craziest-training-method)
Week 3: 1x3 @70%, 1x3 @80%, 1xAMRAP @90%
Week 4: Same movement and rep max as week 2, and I try to break my record
Week 5: 1x5@80%, 1x3 @90%, 1xAMRAP@95%
Week 6: Different HBT movement

My running is based off of a 3 day undulation with 1 day for low volume high intensity (which I perform 400m tempo running), 1 day for medium volume and medium intensity (a linear progressive distance increase week to week), and 1 day for higher volume and low intensity (same structure as day 2, but farther distance and lower speed)

I will update daily with my training, and any feedback, thoughts, or anything at all on this thread would be awesome


Hey man I’m in for the progress.
I’ve been running a lot, but that’s years ago.
Trying to get running a couple of days every week.
But my running tempe is really affected by my lifting. If you want a really good 10 K you might put the lower body lifts at ease.
Good luck

Cool, I’m in.
With a program that has a good deal of conditioning work in it running isn’t really all that neccessary for a 10K.

I ran 5Ks and 10Ks daily last year with no running at all during the last four or so years, I just do a lot of conditioning.

Now it wasn’t race-speed, but I was decent. If I remember correctly, my 10Ks were in the 45 min range.

But I’ll definitely be following your progress and training, keep us posted!

Thanks for the advice danteism and mortdk. My only thought on running not being overly necessary is the specific lower leg conditioning that needs to take place, however I do agree that non-running based conditioning does transfer well to running.

Today’s Log (04/04/2018):

30 min easy jog at 5 mph
Lots of psoas, quad, hamstring, and calf stretching followed (approx 2 min accumulated per muscle)



Today’s Training (04/06/2018)

DB Bench- 30% of Bench Max x 100 Reps
Band Pull Apart x 100 Reps
Straight Bar Bench Press- 5@ 65%, 5@ 75%, 8@85%
Close Grip 3 Inch Foam Press- Myo Rep Protocol (10,5,5,5,5,4)
Pull Ups- Myo Rep Protocol (10,5,5,5,5,2)
Seated Cable Row (10,5,5,5,5,5,3)
Straight Bar Cable Tricep Extensions (10,5,5,5,4)
Straight Bar Cable Curl (10,5,5,5,5,2)
Db Lateral Raise (10,5,5,5,5,5,5,3)
Tempo Push Ups x15, Slow Mountain Climber x26, Leg Extension x20, RKC Plank x30 seconds (“Piller Killer Series”)

Today’s Training (04/07/2018)

2.7 km in 16 mins (approx 2.8 m/s)

Today’s Training (04/09/2018)
DB Overhead Press- 3x25 @ 30%
Band Pull Apart Star Pattern- 3x7

Cable Crunch- 3x20

Dynamic Effort Overhead Press- 10x3 @50%

5 rep clusters every 15 seconds for 5 mins of the following:

Close Grip 2 Board Press
Vogelphol Pulldown
Seated Cable Row
DB Lateral Raise
Cable Pulldown w/ Rope Attachment (missed 5 reps at the 1 min mark)
Cable Curl

“Pillar Killer”
AMRAP Tempo Push Up (2 seconds up, 2 seconds down)
AMRAP Tempo Mountain Climber (2 seconds flexion, 2 seconds extension)
AMRAP Hip Extension
20 seconds RKC Plank