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Training for 8 Months Seriously

I’d appriciate an and all feedback yall could give me. I dont have any pictures of my legs, but will soon.

Give it to me straight…

Pics are all sort of dark, and I am sorry about that.


yeah these look sort of shitty…

My stats…

I am 5"5’, I weigh about 170.

I can bench press 245x5, squat 345x5 and deadlift 365x5. my max lifts are as follows

Bench- 280
Squat- 390

Any and all recommendations as to how to improve my body are appriciated. I would like to lost some body fat, get bigger ad more defined Ab’s, a bigger chest and a wider back.

Thanks in advance.

I guess I should post my routine as well.

-Bench Press, 5x5
-weighed dips, 5x8
-Military press, 5x5
-incline bench press, 3x8
-tricep extensions, 3x10
-Shrugs, 3x10
-chest flies, 3x10
-close rip bench press, 3x10

  • push press, 3x10

-Squat, 5x5
-deadlift, 5x5
weihed situps, 3x10
-toe rasies, 3x8
pull ups, 3x15
roman chairs, 3x10
bent over rows, 3x10
Pull downs, 3x10

No feedback? I’m probably being impatient, put if you have anything at all to say please say it.

Give it time brother, some posts take longer then others too actually show up. Be patient, keep working hard!

I’d just like to say that you look like Ben Stiller in Zoolander, and I like your lowerback.

I think the back, arms, and shoulders are looking pretty good. Good lifts too. Keep up the hard work.

i gave u a 1 because u dont have a hawt six pack, the only true measure of a good physique

also ur username is douchey

I think you have a lot of potential for a great body. Cut until you got the six pack, but don’t rush it, you don’t want to lose muscle. I gave you a 4.

Your lifts look good, where are the wheels?

Workout your chest,butts and abdominal areas to have a good structure 4 ur self … and try to post ur legs pics too … ur working hard keep it up …

better than 99% of england. what im aiming for by the end of the year weight wise, but bigger dead
gave you 10 for the expression